Izertis, among the founding organisations of the Spanish cloud Gaia X

Our consultancy, together with other public and private organisations, participates in the creation of the European digital project, Gaia X, which aims to become the digital infrastructure that guarantees security, transparency and data protection in Europe, until now controlled from the United States through Google and Amazon.

This project aims to create a partnership whose main purpose is to build a data infrastructure for Europe, a federated and secure system, and whose ultimate goal is to achieve digital sovereignty in data intelligence and cloud technology within the European framework.

Our technology consultancy will be part of the creation of this national hub, Gaia X Spain, whose constituent assembly will be held this Friday in Talavera de la Reina, after the candidacy presented by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha was chosen to lead this European project.

More than 150 entities will form part of this plan, including top-level companies from the country's strategic sectors such as IBM, Microsoft and Amazon. Research organisations and universities, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Navarra, among others, will also participate, as well as public administrations, city councils and regional governments.

We are completely convinced we will achieve the objectives set thanks to our highly specialised team in data management

"Being part of a project of such magnitude together with leading companies in the country is a challenge for us that we face with tenacity and with the commitment that we are completely convinced we will achieve the objectives set thanks to our highly specialised team in data management" has highlighted Miguel Ángel Acero, our Head of Digital Transformation.

By joining to Gaia X, Spain is contributing to the creation of a common European data infrastructure with a cloud component that offers a secure alternative in the market and provides access control and reuse capacity for those who produce the data.

The vision and purpose of this initiative will be to provide competitive and fair access to next generation cloud and edge capabilities from anywhere in the EU. Therefore, the creation of this market will involve the deployment of European data spaces in different sectors in a way that is interoperable and avoids silos, while ensuring data control, privacy and security.