Environmental Performance

Environmental Policy

Izertis in its commitment to the care, respect and protection of the environment, has established an Environmental Policy that is published on the corporate website.

This Quality and Environmental Management Policy faithfully represents the Environmental Management Policy of our company.

Legal requirements

Izertis shows compliance, identification and revision of the legal requirements for its activity: as well as other different environmental requirements that it has subscribed with its clients.

Environmental Objectives

In order to comply with this policy, Izertis has established some Environmental Objectives:

  • Reduction of Electric Consumption. Ratio Kw consumed per worker.
  • Reduction of Paper Consumption. Ratio paper units consumed per worker.
  • Reduction of type Toner Waste Production. Ratio Kg of waste produced per worker.
  • Reduction of type RAEEs Waste Production. Ratio Kg treated per worker.

The objectives of 2019 will be analysed in an External Audit to be held in the first months of the year.


Electricity consumption

Paper consumption

Fuel consumption

Production waste confidential paper

Production waste paper no confidential data

Production waste type toner

Production waste type RAEEs

Production plastic waste

Significant Environmental Aspects

Izertis has identified several SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS and several Environmental Aspects which, although not identified as significant, are treated as if they were.

Electricity Consumption 2018 (Not significant)

Paper Consumption 2018 (Not significant)

Fuel Consumption 2018 (Not significant)

Production waste paper 2018 (Not significant)

Production waste confidential paper 2018 (Significant)

Production waste toner type 2018 (Not significant)

Production waste type RAEES 2018 (Significant)

Production plastic waste 2018 (Not significant)

Production organic waste 2018 (Not significant)

Electricity Consumption 2019 (Not significant)

Paper Consumption 2019 (Not significant)

Fuel Consumption 2019 (Not significant)

Production waste paper 2019 (Not significant)

Production waste confidential paper waste 2019 (Not Significant)

Production waste type toner 2019 (Significant)

Production waste type RAEE'S 2019 (Significant)

Production plastic waste 2019 (Not significant)

Production organic waste 2019 (Not Significant)