Environmental Performance

Environmental policy

Izertis as part of its commitment with the conservation, respect and protection of the environment, has established an Environmental Policy that is published on the company website.

This Quality and Environmental Management Policy faithfully represents the Environmental Management Policy of our company.

Legal requirements

Izertis evidences compliance, identification and revision of the legal requirements established for its activity; as well as other different environmental requirements that it has signed with its customers.

Environmental objectives.

In order to comply with this policy, Izertis has established Environmental Objectives:

  • Reduced Paper Consumption.
  • Reduction of Confidential Paper Waste generation.
  • Reduction of electricity consumption per worker.

These objectives have been analyzed in the External Audit carried out this year.

Both the paper consumption target and the electricity consumption target have been performing in line with expectations during the year 2016. Only the target on the generation of Confidential Paper waste has not been reduced as established. This deviation has been studied and actions have been proposed to reverse this trend.

For the year 2017, Izertis, has raised a new reduction on the Objectives above mentioned, which to date behave according to the expectations.


Of the Environmental Aspects defined in Izertis, a series of Indicators have been established that have behaved according to the expectations raised.



"Confidential Paper"
Waste Generation

Paper Waste

Toner Waste

WEEE type
Waste Generation

Waste Generation

Significant environmental aspects.

Izertis has identified several SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS and several Environmental Aspects that despite not being identified as SIGNIFICANT are treated as if they were.

Fuel Consumption

Electricity Consumption

"Confidential Paper" Waste Generation (SIGNIFICANT)

Toner Waste Generation

Fluorescent Bulbs Waste Generation (SIGNIFICANT)

WEEE type Waste Generation. (SIGNIFICANT)

Paper consumption reduction


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