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Pablo & Edy

Edy Tavares, appointed ambassador of the 'Aula Digital Izertis' project in Cape Verde

The Real Madrid Basketball player, Walter 'Edy' Tavares, participated as an 'ambassador' in the presentation of the project that has kicked off the opening of the digital classroom that we will inaugurate together in a few weeks in Maio, his hometown in Cape Verde.

Seguridad informática en las empresas

Cybersecurity is not a department, it's a performance

When we talk about cybersecurity, we instinctively think of the security tools or procedures that we build into our systems, but in reality, cyber security depends on a common factor, the human factor.

Desarrollo frontend

Storybook: Design system in Frontend development

In this article, you will understand the importance of Storybook, an open source tool for building UI components and pages in isolation, generating documentation and enabling both development and testing of components.

Contrato con RSI

RSI awards the technology company Izertis its services for the exploitation and architecture of systems

RSI has awarded our firm the management of its operating services, responsible for the operation of its DPC and its applications, and the quality control of its production, as well as its technical architectural services. The agreement has been named 'Project Zaniah'.

Izertis compra Okode

Izertis acquires the Valencian consulting company Okode

We announce the acquisition of the consulting firm Okode, a company specialising in consulting and development of IT services, multiplatform mobile applications, progressive Web applications and Cloud solutions, thus continuing with its expansion strategy.

Proyecto Atomoris

Izertis participates in the ATOMORIS project to strengthen the Basque industrial fabric

Izertis participates in the ATOMORIS project, which aims to define procedures and develop platforms to introduce cybersecurity throughout the life cycle of industrial products and systems through the use of agile development methodologies and automation tools.

Identidad digital

Digital Identity, safeguarding our personal data in the Metaverse

Metaverse, future of technology. We are going to try to thresh some of the key technologies that are going to be in some way the enablers of this new reality that is so promising for the future of the information society and the future of the internet.

Sheila Mendez

Izertis and Finba sign an agreement to generate innovation projects applied to biomedical technology

Izertis and Finba have presented a collaboration agreement, through which join forces to generate medical-health research projects applied to technology. The agreement will generate new avenues of research that are favoured by the use of AI, Machine Learning or bioprinting.


vCISO/vDPO, business benefits of a service model

vCISO/vDPO, business benefits of a service model. With the increase in cyberattacks, security breaches, the sophistication of attacks and the focus on information security, organisations need CISOs and also, in many cases, DPOs.