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Veltis Izertis Sandbox rating inmobiliario

The real-estate rating project featuring participation by Izertis, selected for the Spanish Sandbox

The application of AI in this project means we can pool over 500 million items of data during analysis, with which to establish a Smart Real-Estate Rating. Our company will be in charge of performing the technological side of the project.


The Tragsa Group awards Izertis development services in the People-Soft technological environment

The Tragsa Group has awarded our company the outsourcing of a part of its maintenance, development and evolution services for its corporate applications implemented on the PeopleSoft platform.

Farm weather station

Union of technologies in the agricultural sector

Our company  has collaborated with Serida in the Bresov project on more than 200 bean varieties from different European countries, in order to check the health status of the crop, and the phenotypic differences between varieties.

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Marta García Prado


Telemadrid awards Izertis and Innogate the European fund-raising

Our firm, together with the company specialized in international project management Innogate to Europe, will be in charge of raising funds for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) of the European Union, for Radio Televisión de Madrid (RTVM).

Endesa entrusts Izertis with the operation and maintenance of the CONFÍA project for the energy protection of vulnerable groups

Endesa and our company have signed an agreement for the integration, operation and maintenance of the CONFÍA project, financed by CTA, after the success of the tests carried out last year at the Malaga town hall.


Izertis continues with its international expansion and integrates the Portuguese Rebis Consulting

Our company has confirmed the integration of Rebis Consulting, a Portuguese consultancy specialized in Data & Intelligence. The company has important clients in sectors such as banking, energy, insurance, retail, food, or telecommunications.

Computación cuántica

Quantum computing. What is it, current situation and future prospects

Quantum computing is different from computing classical paradigm  computing. The main novelty is the use of qubits, which can have the state 1 and 0 at the same time.

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José Barranquero

IBM Izertis Partnership

IBM recognizes Izertis as a Business Partner

IBM has certified Izertis as a Business Partner, "in recognition of its continued commitment to excellence in providing IBM solutions." This agreement reinforces our commitment to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud systems.

Innovación 2021

Izertis implements innovation projects for an amount close to 7 million euros in 2021

Our company betting on R + D + i projects, maintaining so far in 2021 a high intensity of execution in technological areas such as Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Additive Manufacturing or Reality Extended.