5 tips to successfully implement IT in business

IT departments often find it difficult to respond to business needs. Achieving digital transformation has become a priority objective for the development of companies. Nevertheless, where do we start? Bellow, we address the road map to follow to implement IT transformation efficiently.

Izertis desarrollará el primer blockchain de Europa que agiliza la tramitación del bono social a personas en riesgo de exclusión

Blockchain se ha posicionado como una de las tecnologías disruptivas y, gracias a su aplicación transversal en todas las áreas de la economía, están surgiendo proyectos en todos los sectores.

IoT ecosystem: the importance of partnership to achieve value projects

Projects of Internet of Things they are not projects of a single type of technology but a mixture of different technologies,  products and solutions. In general, they are not 100% replicable and each of them requires analysis to opt for each element that makes everything fit perfectly.

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Marta García Prado

Enabling technologies for smart ports

In this post we would like to go over the enabling technologies that are already being efficiently used by the main ports worldwide and that will have a high impact on most ports in the not too distant future.  

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Juan Guzmán Triviño

Izertis completes the acquisition of BC Sistemas and Ositel

Izertis announces the acquisition of BC Sistemas and Ositel. These acquisitions reinforce the presence of Izertis in the Unified Communications market and bring important clients of the hotel sector, such as Meliá, Riu, Barceló, Catalonia, Sandos, H10 or Lopesan.

Block-Tech-Pharma, first prize of the Izertis Chair

Bárbara Navas and Sabina Fernández, promoters of the project, propose to create their own Hyperledger Fabric platform that unites the pharmaceutical company and all distributors in the same network.