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Cabo Verde

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde inaugurates the second ICT classroom donated by Izertis to the African country

Our company has donated a technology classroom to the African country of Cape Verde, which will be used for the development of activities related to new technologies for students in the Achada Fazenda region. 

Cabildo de Tenerife

Izertis, among those selected for the provision of ICT consulting services in Tenerife

Our company has been included among the entities approved to provide its consulting services and development of ICT projects to the Island Council of Tenerife. This, will allow us to participate in the tenders that will take place over the next two years.

CAU Ineco Corporativo Izertis

Ineco awards Izertis a public contract for management of ITC services of its User Service Center

Our company has been awarded the public contract for the Framework Agreement  of the Sub-Directorate of Ineco, which means that we will be the only company in charge of providing technological services to its User Service Center (CAU) at the corporate level.

Non fungible tokens

Gartner and the future of Blockchain

We are currently immersed in the era of hyper-automation, where the incursion of blockchain technology is practically omnipresent and transversal to a multitude of use cases in different sectors. Its use guarantees the reliability of transactions between devices.

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Carlos Pérez del Molino

Radiacion medica

Spain will become an international benchmark in the control of medical radiation doses

The National Institute of Healthcare Management is working on a project that will turn Spanish health into an international benchmark for the collection, management and control of medical radiation doses thanks to the collaboration of our firm. 


Izertis develops an artificial intelligence system for the automatic monitoring of the progress of photovoltaic works

Our company has developed a new system that allows the automatic monitoring of the degree of progress of the works in the construction of photovoltaic plants as well as quality control, through a service based on drones and Artificial Intelligence.

SAP Portugal

Izertis stands out among the first SAP Partner companies with the highest number of certifications in Portugal

Our company stands out among the first SAP Partner companies that have the highest number of valid certifications in Portugal, our firm presents an excellent result with the highest number of certifications in BusinessObjects.

Identidad Digital

Digital Identity, acceleration engine in the adoption of Blockchain

We review at the Blockchain Economics event the strengths of blockchain in real projects, based on public institutions and companies, in which it is essential to protect and control the credentials that identify people.

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Miguel Ángel Acero Álvarez

Plan de transformacion digital

How to ensure the success of a digital transformation plan

How to accelerate change in an organization to create competitive advantages adapted to the present environment and sustainable in the future? Developing a digital transformation process that redefines the business model, with a focus on people and customers.

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Esther Arango