How to track a managed service successfully?

One of the objectives of service monitoring is precisely to ensure continuous improvement. For this improvement to take place, action planes must be established for each need and reviewed continuously until you see that they have had the desired effect. 

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Alberto Álvarez Álvarez

Cooking a successful project management

Holacracy Agile is a governance methodology, where there are no bosses and authority and decision making is distributed horizontally. Within this methodology, circles with specific functions are created and each member of the circle has an assigned role.

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Mariona Ibáñez Conesa

Izertis V-TREV project approved, framed within the European call MIDIH Open Call 2

Izertis has received the official communication of the approval of the V-TREV project, whose main objective is the development of a system for the training of personnel and it uses techniques based on immersive virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Izertis y AuraPortal firman un acuerdo para ampliar su oferta de servicios de Transformación Digital

Izertis y AuraPortal han suscrito un acuerdo de colaboración para aportar nuevas soluciones para sus clientes a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor de la Transformación Digital.

Walking towards port 4.0. through of digital transformation

The Digital Transformation must remain linked to the objectives and strategies of Port Authority. The strategy to follow should not be based only on the implementation of new technological solutions, but on the integration of these in a structural way to achieve the previously established business objectives

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Juan Guzmán Triviño

Energy companies facing the challenge of digital transformation

Many of the changes in the energy sector are caused by actors that are not traditional energy companies. These new and agile market participants are full of ideas and innovations to accelerate the decarbonization agenda.

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Miguel Ángel Acero Álvarez