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snowflake data warehousing

Snowflake, the cloud data platform

Snowflake has become in a few years the Data Warehousing as a Service tool, DWaaS, a reference in the market, standing out as an alternative to traditional systems such as Oracle or Hadoop.


Biomechanical charging medical devices without the need for batteries, closer thanks to the Izertis 4DPrintEN project

Main aim of 4DPrintEN is the development of the manufacturing process through 3D printing of portable and intelligent devices capable of generating with the intention of capturing and collecting electrical energy in an efficient way.

Grupo Melca

Grupo Melca becomes shareholder of Izertis

In recent years, Grupo Melca has developed an investment and business diversification strategy with the purchase of shares and stakes in major companies, prioritizing new business areas, preferably linked to technological and biosanitary development.

CXC IDB blockchain El Caribe Izertis

CXC® through IDB is collaborating with Izertis to deliver faster and secure certification to candidates

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®) has chosen our company to create a blockchain system in which it will be possible to compile all the academic qualifications of users into a 'single document'.

Acuerdo LaCChain

Izertis joins the Global Alliance for the development of LACChain in Latam and the Caribbean

The incorporation the Izertis as a partner is carried out with the objective of sharing relevant information, promoting projects and developing new materials and concepts such as blockchain infrastructure.

Diseno web centrado en cliente

User-centered web design: 'because I don't like it' is no longer an option

We have to understand the needs of the users to make sure that the journey we design is really focused on solving them. It is a mistake to understand a UX project as something with a certain beginning and end in time.

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Miguel García

Ranking Financial Times Izertis

Financial Times ranks Izertis among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe

Our company has been included for the first time in the ranking of the 1000 fastest growing companies in the continent, published by the international economic daily Financial Times. In this edition, only 54 Spanish companies have been incorporated.

Reemplazo cookies

How will third-party cookies be replaced? Google, cohorts and advertising

For many years now, cookies have carried the weight of online advertising, becoming more important as websites and digital marketing evolved.

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Ángel Fernández

partnership qlik izertis

Izertis recognized as Qlik Partner Select, a global leader in data management analytics solutions

Our company has been recognized as a Partner Select by Qlik, a leading global company in data management, analysis and a leading tool in quadrant of Gartner on Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.