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Strategic communication

Izertis in Barbados: communication and public awareness strategy on energy sustainability

Our firm, in a consortium with the Próxima Communications and Public Relations and Virgo Communications (Barbados) companies, is developing and implementing a communication and engagement strategy to raise public awareness about energy sustainability in Barbados.

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Paola Fernández

Axesor Rating

Axesor Rating strengthens Izertis's credit rating on BB, changing the trend from Stable to Positive

Axesor Rating has endorsed the financial strength and favourable future prospects of our firm, listed on BME Growth, with a credit rating of BB, improving the trend from Stable to Positive, an excellent rating that will facilitate the financing strategy for future growth of our company.


Xray becomes an official Izertis partner for quality software management

Our company incorporates new tools into our daily activity that provide a differential point to the development of essential activities. We have achieved the partnership certificate with the cutting-edge software management company and native quality management Xray.

Proyecto Multi AI

Izertis begins to work on a defect detection and anomaly prediction project with international partners

Our company leads the consortium of the MULTI-AI project, which consists of the development of multimaterial and multidefect detection and anomaly prediction system, in which Beia Consult International SRL, PETAL SA, Phoenix AI SA and Sirris also participate.

GVC Gaesco Izertis

GVC Gaesco gives a 35% revaluation potential to Izertis share

The independent financial group GVC Gaesco has presented the first report on the initiation of coverage of the company specialized in ICT services and digital transformation Izertis, with a Buy recommendation and a target price of 9.70 euros per share.

Transformacion digital

Izertis, a consolidated partner for digital transformation and change management in the pharmaceutical industry

Our company is considered one of the largest specialists in digital transformation processes after carrying out important Change Management processes for well-known firms belonging to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Impacto social de la tecnologia

¿Cómo puede la tecnología ayudarnos a reducir las desigualdades sociales?

Some of the main ideas that underlie the challenges in the decision-making process - individual and collective. And, as our relationship with the 'data' and the 'information' thus obtained, has an impact - often decisive - on the exercise of our 'free will'.

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Nuno Nogueira

Cabo Verde

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde inaugurates the second ICT classroom donated by Izertis to the African country

Our company has donated a technology classroom to the African country of Cape Verde, which will be used for the development of activities related to new technologies for students in the Achada Fazenda region. 

Cabildo de Tenerife

Izertis, among those selected for the provision of ICT consulting services in Tenerife

Our company has been included among the entities approved to provide its consulting services and development of ICT projects to the Island Council of Tenerife. This, will allow us to participate in the tenders that will take place over the next two years.