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it service management

The difficulties of justifying the value that Service Management provides

Explore why service management is crucial for sustainable success and how to justify implementing a Service Management approach in your organization

que es cpm

What is CPM?: the crucial role of CPM in achieving your organization goals

CPM provides a comprehensive approach to enhance performance but must evolve beyond outdated management methods

sistema de reporting

Optimising IT service reporting: measurement, processes and benefits

Organisations rely heavily on their Information Technology (IT) services to operate efficiently and competitively.

microservicios que es

Communication between microservices

Microservices enable flexible, scalable, maintainable app development with independent components

Izertis es una de las Mejores Empresas para Trabajar en Portugal

Izertis recognised, once again, among the Best Companies to Work For (MEPT) in Portugal in 2023

Leading digital transformation company Izertis has once again been recognised as one of the "Best Companies to Work For" (MEPT) in Portugal in 2023.

Keifi izertis

Izertis acquires Keifi to expand its presence in the financial sector

The integration will allow it to increase capacity in one of its fastest growing verticals. The operation also marks the technology company's entry into the United States

GVC  Gaesco Izertis

GVC Gaesco raises target price for Izertis shares to 11.50 euros

This is the second firm to increase Izertis' share price in less than a week, this time to €11.5 according to GVC. This improvement follows the presentation of Izertis' half-year results

EthiFinance mejora el rating de Izertis a ‘BB+’

JB Capital raises Izertis' price target to €11.10 and EthiFinance upgrades its rating to 'BB+'

The independent financial services firm JB Capital Markets has updated its analysis of Izertis shares, with a "Buy" recommendation and a "target price of 11.10 euros per share".

domain driven design

Microservices and Domain Driven Design (DDD): a practical approach to software architecture

Two key approaches for constructing complex systems: Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Microservices, are foundational for robust solutions