The financial forecast in the pharmaceutical sector

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Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies: the new tip of spearhead of the high innovation innovation of Izertis

Emerging Technologies, an area of the multinational technology company that seeks to become a spearhead for the most disruptive technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Cyber and Quantum Computing.

Izertis closes 2023 with 121.3 million euros in revenues and normalised Ebitda of 18.6 million euros

121.3 million in revenues and 18.6 million in normalised Ebitda. These are the main figures presented by the technology multinational Izertis in its financial results for 2023

HxGN EAM 12.1

Advantages of HxGN EAM 12.1: strengthen your asset management strategy

Upgrade to HxGN EAM 12.1 for advanced asset management. This version offers benefits to enhance operations and accelerate business growth

Gestion riesgos seguridad informacion

Information security risk management in the supply chain

Exploring supply chain info security risk management: challenges, best practices, and key measures to mitigate threats

Proyecto Physio Izertis

Izertis develops an analytical platform for spinal cord injury patients

At Izertis we focus on the PHYSIO CSCI 2022 project, funded by the CDTI, which aims to research, develop and evaluate a system for respiratory rehabilitation.

curso sap fico

Optimize your company's financial management and control with SAP FICO

SAP FICO streamlines financial & accounting management, ensures regulatory compliance, and delivers real-time, accurate data for decisions

eficiencia financiera

Financial efficiency: continuous and collaborative innovation with Infor EPM

Elevate business success with EPM software: continuous innovation and efficient collaboration for exceptional results

hyperion financial management

Implementation strategies and best practices with Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning emerges as a crucial tool for driving excellence in strategy and data-driven decision-making

sap analytics cloud que es

The strategic role of data storytelling with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) functionalities and storytelling techniques can support business leaders, justify investments and facilitate decision-making