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izertis pharma

"AI is also a tool for cybercrime; prevention is the smartest thing to do"

At a conference organised by the Pharma Unit of Izertis, Juan Luis García Rambla, Lead of Cybersecurity Business Development, gave a lecture on 'The dark side of AI' and its impact on a critical sector such as healthcare

gay lussac gestion izertis

French investment fund Gay-Lussac Gestion joins Izertis' shareholding structure

The investment fund Gay-Lussac Gestion, an independent asset management company present in France since 1995, dedicated to investing in small and medium-sized European companies,has entered the capital of Izertis with an initial investment of 640,000 euros, which it plans to increase, and the acquisition of 80,000 shares

Izertis DONES 2024

Izertis, in DONES Xcitech 2024: "The future of nuclear fusion will only succeed with collaboration between industry and technology"

Izertis has returned for the second consecutive year to the annual DONES Xcitech 2024 school, associated with the IFMIF-DONES facility, which was held in Granada.

Georgia Izertis

Izertis, in charge of the communication for the Log-In project to bring digital transformation to Georgia

Izertis has won the World Bank-funded tender for the Log-In Georgia project, with Open Net as the end client, in its mission to digitize rural areas of the country and eliminate digital inequality.


"We are constantly working on improving the bot's conversational intelligence"

Pablo Palafox, CEO and one of the founders of Happyrobot, shares how he started his business venture and the latest developments of this tool that offers voice solutions through the AI application.

Izertis opens its university classroom at CEU San Pablo

Izertis inaugurates its university classroom on the Montepríncipe campus, encouraging future graduates to get closer to the world of work.


EXCALIBUR: microbial alternatives to chemical fertilisers and pesticides

The EXCALIBUR project focuses on understanding how the composition and function of the soil microbiome changes following the application of bioinoculants in horticulture.

The Anémona Group becomes a 6% shareholder of Izertis

The Anémona Group, an investment company chaired by Pablo Arnús, with a vocation to invest in growth and sustainability, has taken a 6% stake in Izertis, in an operation that has meant the disbursement of almost 12.7 million euros and the acquisition of nearly 1.6 million shares in the technology multinational

Izertis, primer partner mundial de Rasa

Izertis, first global partner of Rasa, the world's leading open platform for generative conversational AI

Izertis has become the first strategic partner worldwide of Rasa, the leading open platform for generative conversational intelligence to create and deliver high-level AI assistants.