Why bet on Salesforce Service Cloud for better customer service?

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Plataformas crm

The Golden rules for selling more with the Salesforce Sales Cloud

In this article we discuss about the Golden rules needed for selling more with the Salesforces Sales Cloud. The definition and key features and other useful tools to make the most of this competitive advantage.

Minería de procesos

Process Mining: evidence at the service of improvement

Thanks to process mining, companies can go a step further in the efficient use of these technologies, as it makes it possible to extract all the information that these systems contain in their infinite logs, so that companies can get to know themselves a little better.

Planificación estratégica

The strategy to processes through projects

Companies know in which situation they would like to be in the long term, although it is currently unusual for organizations to have an approach beyond 3 years, an issue that is worsening with the current instability crisis.

Pharma Advisors Izertis Veeva Summit

Pharma Advisors participates in the Veeva Summit

Pharma Advisors, a company belonging to Izertis, will participate as a Gold Partner in the 'Commercial Summit' organized by the multinational Veeva, in which the most prominent companies in the pharmaceutical sector participate.

Identidad digital

Web3 is not the future

Web3 is clear evidence of the great evolution that the internet has undergone in recent decades, and although this concept has been gaining momentum in recent years and has been associated above all with cryptocurrencies and more recently associated mainly with cryptocurrencies and more recently with the metaverse, Web3 will offer us many other solutions.

Automatización en la empresa

➡️ Process automation in companies - is it profitable?

Spending technicians' time on repetitive tasks is a waste of time and money. But which tasks are candidates for automation and why?

Comercial y marketing

Project management in the commercial and marketing area

Despite the obvious need, the reality is that companies are moving slowly when it comes to adapting their project management from a traditional methodology to an agile one.

Scandit: Matrix Scan integration

Our goal today is to add Matrix Scan to the code built in the previous article, where we discussed Barcode Scanning, without breaking anything!

Seguridad digital

Legally required security

Nowadays, a large part of the security measures that an organisation must implement are requirements backed by some kind of legal standard. Compliance with them is, therefore, inexcusable.