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Automatización en la empresa

➡️ Process automation in companies - is it profitable?

Spending technicians' time on repetitive tasks is a waste of time and money. But which tasks are candidates for automation and why?

Comercial y marketing

Project management in the commercial and marketing area

Despite the obvious need, the reality is that companies are moving slowly when it comes to adapting their project management from a traditional methodology to an agile one.

Scandit: Matrix Scan integration

Our goal today is to add Matrix Scan to the code built in the previous article, where we discussed Barcode Scanning, without breaking anything!

Seguridad digital

Legally required security

Nowadays, a large part of the security measures that an organisation must implement are requirements backed by some kind of legal standard. Compliance with them is, therefore, inexcusable.

Herramientas de Testing

Why is testing on APIS necessary?

An API is, well, an API or Application Programming Interface is a set of definitions and  protocols that are used to develop and integrate application software, allowing  communication between different software applications through a set of rules.

Escanear código de barras

Scandit. Xamarin Forms integration of the SDK for camera data capture

Scandit is an SDK for capturing barcodes and/or text from the device's camera. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Web, Cordova, Xamarin (Android, iOS and Forms), React Native, Flutter and other hybrid SDKs.

Sustainable tecnology

Green IT: Sustainable Technology

Green IT, Green Technology or Sustainable Technology are some of the nomenclatures used to refer to this new approach to IT investment, but what exactly is it? This and more in the following post. 

Estrategias de ventas

Digital sales strategy: a 7-year relationship with Helvetia

The collaboration with Helvetia started in 2015. The main line of collaboration currently focuses on digital sales strategy. Izertis executes the lead acquisition strategy through multichannel advertising campaigns and organic positioning strategies.

Digitalización de procesos

Maturity in the IT & Business programmes and services management

Crises, pandemics, demanding customers and, undoubtedly, new technologies, have forced organisations to progress in IT Programme and Service Management, in a constant transformation of the Business to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition.