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factura farmacia

Efficiency in the communication of automatic invoices in the pharmaceutical sector

With a results-oriented approach, Izertis developed a customised solution for a client in the pharmaceutical sector.

¿cuál es el objetivo principal de dlops (data science and machine learning operations)?

MLOps: the future of Machine Learning Operations in the digital transformation

AI and ML drive transformation, enabling companies to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing market

intranets y extranets

Intranets: the heart of organisations

The era of intranets ends, ushering in digital workspaces. With technology advancing rapidly, we embrace digital workspaces where automation and efficiency are key


The importance of electronic invoicing for business efficiency

Electronic invoicing boosts operational efficiency, cuts costs, and enhances environmental sustainability

data warehouse

End-to-end flow from Data Warehousing to PowerBI: simplify real-time data analysis

In this article, we explore the process from collecting data to presenting it in dynamic dashboards.


Cybersecurity: Why do they call it an incident when they (don't) mean crisis?

information security has become a fundamental pillar for the effective functioning of both public and private organizations.

erp infor

Infor ERP: simplification through implementation in a unified system

Learn how Infor ERP streamlines processes in a unified system, enhancing operational efficiency and integrating ISO 9001 and CRMs

nueva función de SAP

Meet the new SAP feature: replacing models in stories

Latest release of SAC, QRC2.2024, comes a long-awaited feature, the replacing models in a stories, as part of SAC's Optimised (Unified) Experience

El forecast farmacia

The financial forecast in the pharmaceutical sector

Reliable sales forecasting positively impacts various company areas; it must be done and used properly.