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efecto mariposa tecnologico

Technological butterfly effect

Let's think for a moment about all the movies or books we have enjoyed in the past and the effect they may have had on present-day technology. Could we be witnessing a butterfly effect?  

Ventajas Salesforce

The 6 main advantages of using Salesforce

Salesforce, the number 1 cloud-based platform in the world, provides companies with a platform to find and qualify potential customers, and grow their businesses. A higher degree of adaptability, accessibility and security are some of the benefits of using Salesforce.

Salesforce sector público

How Salesforce can transform the public sector with the citizen as the central axis

We will discuss what public institutions need to offer a citizen-centered service that meets their needs and the main benefits of this digital transformation in the public sector.


What are NFTs, discover its meaning and potential

What are NFTs? Discover its meaning, what they can bring to individuals, companies, and organizations through an objective view, and their great potential in an already digital world. 


The present of conversational assistants and the WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging tool globally, which makes it a great communication channel that brings brands closer to users. We will discuss the benefits of implementing WhatsApp Business Platform in your company.

Devops izertis

DevOps tools, platforms and benefits in public cloud environments

Today, it is essential to assume that our DevOps strategy includes our cloud infrastructures. That is why we have done a small analysis of the capabilities offered by the main cloud providers. 


How Web3 will change our lives

With the implementation of decentralized technologies, we are facing one of the largest digital transformation processes in history. Find out how Web3 will change our lives.

Devops izertis

DevOps: evolution to DevSecOps and key tools

DevOps is a methodology that seeks to integrate software development with infrastructure operations, with the aim of improving collaboration and efficiency in the software development lifecycle.

ENS izertis

New ENS, how to address the main novelties

Last year, Royal Decree 311/2022 was published, which represented a significant update to the National Security Scheme. We discuss the most significant changes and how to achieve proper compliance.