HxGN EAM Mobile

HxGN EAM Mobile: real-time asset management

Efficient asset management is crucial to the success of any organization. In today's context, where assets are constantly on the move, accessing information in real-time and making agile decisions is key. This is where the concept of EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) emerges as an essential tool. HxGN EAM Mobile offers advanced solutions, improving decision making and business productivity.

Izertis, a technology consultant and software solutions provider, excels at implementing and optimizing asset management solutions, including HxGN EAM Mobile, which we will explore further in this article. Recognized for its excellent service, it monitors the specific needs of each client to ensure maximum return on asset investments.

What is HxGN EAM Mobile?

HxGN EAM Mobile allows remote access to the HxGN EAM database, giving maintenance technicians greater mobility. With this solution, professionals can view, add, update and delete information directly from their mobile devices, without the need to work from a fixed terminal. This means that technicians can remain in the field or on the plant floor while still having access to the HxGN EAM information and functionalities they need to carry out their tasks.

It offers advanced asset management solutions, with a configurable interface that meets the specific needs of each team. This provides immediate access to crucial data, improving decision-making and productivity, and driving the digital transformation of organizations.

HxGN EAM Mobile key features

HxGN EAM Mobile offers a range of essential features for managing assets on the move:

  • Downloading work orders from the HxGN EAM database for review and recording performance data on the mobile device, allowing personalized assignment of tasks to each technician and facilitating the management of maintenance operations.
  • Insertion of meter readings into the system for all assigned equipment automatically providing the appropriate unit of measurement for each reading, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection.
  • Integration with barcode reading devices simplifies the collection of physical inventory information, increasing the accuracy of data recording and productivity by allowing barcodes to be read instead of manually typing in part numbers.
  • Simplifying the collection of routed or ad hoc inspection results by allowing users to follow an inspection checklist and record the results on the mobile device.
  • Introducing advanced features, including electronic signature, calibration data entry, customized data collection prompts and screen configuration.

Specific examples for a technician or supervisor

HxGN EAM Mobile is an essential tool for enhancing asset management on the move

We highlight practical examples of HxGN EAM Mobile in action, for different user profiles:

  • Field technician: receives notifications and essential information about work orders. The Start Center interface allows you to access items in your inbox and connect to relevant tasks intuitively, even in areas with limited connectivity. You can easily switch between applications, avoiding interruptions, and start time tracking on your work order with just one click. The checklists provided make completing tasks thorough and efficient, while parts management is simplified by scanning barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags in the mobile app. After completing the work, it’s able to stop the time tracker, attach images or videos documenting the work done and change the status of the work order from "open" to "ready for review".
  • Supervisor: manages tasks effectively, with just one click can review and approve work orders, informing field technicians instantly. This speeds up operations and timely actions, improving team productivity. In addition, biometric authentication facilitates login, ensuring security and convenience. By receiving a work completion notification, the supervisor can review recent tasks and the asset's comprehensive maintenance history, validating current work in the context of the asset's historical performance. It thus offers powerful features to simplify work execution and improve asset data capture.

Benefits of the HxGN EAM Mobile solution

Izertis offers HxGN EAM solutions that respond to the specific needs of each organization

HxGN EAM Mobile is an essential tool for enhancing asset management on the move, ensuring efficient operations and agile decision-making anywhere, anytime. Whether a field technician, an inspector, a supervisor or an executive, its user-friendly interface simplifies daily tasks for all users. Enabling the following benefits:

  • Remote access and mobility.
  • Technician efficiency.
  • More agile data collection.
  • Advanced functionalities.
  • Improved asset management.
  • Improved worker efficiency.
  • Unlocking the organization's operational potential.

Izertis' HXGN EAM expertise

By integrating cutting-edge technology with our experience, organizations can achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability in their operations. 

Izertis offers HxGN EAM solutions that respond to the specific needs of each organization. Our extensive experience in the sector enables us to offer expert support at every stage of the process, from initial consultancy to implementation and ongoing maintenance.