Infor HxGN EAM

Infor HxGN EAM: excellence in asset management and performance

Asset management: a strategic pillar

Asset management plays a central role in achieving strategic and operational goals. As operations become more complex, effective asset maintenance becomes imperative to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce operating costs, and optimize the use of available resources. In this context, the Infor HxGN EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) platform stands out as an essential tool for driving business development and promoting intelligent and effective management of organizational assets.

By combining the technological innovation of HxGN EAM with the expertise of Izertis, organizations can reach new heights of operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Infor HxGN EAM and its features

Infor HxGN EAM is a state-of-the-art asset management platform that combines artificial intelligence, advanced data analysis and automation to provide a complete overview of corporate assets.

It has the leading solution recognition internationally for optimizing the performance of various types of assets, whether industrial, plant, linear or mobile. Its functions include:

  • Tracking, location and analysis: Managing the asset lifecycle, focused on performance (APM) and investment planning (API).
  • Informed maintenance management: Controlled Maintenance Management System (CMMS), scheduling, labor, hiring and time.
  • Strategic operations and supply management: Managing orders, stocks, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), finance, purchasing and inventory.
  • Detailed analysis and reports: History of work orders, Business Intelligence (BI) and algorithmic analysis.

what is asset management

HxGN EAM is recognised as the leading solution for optimising the performance of various types of assets

​Tangible benefits: from asset management to operating results

Adopting Infor HxGN EAM brings a series of measurable benefits that have a direct impact on an organization's performance and success:

  1. Increased productivity and reduced downtime: Proactive maintenance, including predictive, conditional and preventive approaches, maximizes asset efficiency and minimizes unplanned downtime.
  2. Centralization and consolidation of information: Simplified access to up-to-date data, a comprehensive view of asset records and better communication result in more fluid and informed processes.
  3. Accurate alerts and operational insights: Automated reports with 2D and 3D visualization provide clear information on operational needs, allowing for more informed decisions.
  4. Depreciation correction and rapid problem solving: Agile solutions to issues and correction of depreciation values contribute to maintaining efficiency.
  5. Evidence-based decision making: Reliable decisions based on solid evidence and algorithmic analysis.
  6. Parts control and process automation: Improved parts management and process automation streamline operations.
  7. Reducing costs, risks and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Minimizing expenses and risks leads to optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership.
  8. Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Assets (ROA): Improving Return on Investment and maximizing Return on Assets, which drive financial success.
  9. Process compliance and security: Ensuring consistent processes, security and asset quality.
  10. Encouraging Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) initiatives: Support for initiatives related to the environment, health and safety, reflected in the organization's greater social and environmental commitment.

Practical examples of success

The success of this solution is evidenced by practical cases in various industries.

At a company in the automotive manufacturing industry that faced persistent challenges of production line interruptions due to equipment failures, after adopting Infor HxGN EAM, it was able to reduce downtime by 30%, increase asset longevity by 25% and improve resource allocation, which translated into significant savings in operating costs.

Improve asset management with Izertis expertise

In short, the effective management of physical assets is crucial to the sustainable performance of companies. Infor HxGN EAM, offered by Izertis, emerges as a comprehensive and effective solution for tackling the challenges inherent in asset management. Its advanced functionalities, predictive analytics and success stories strengthen its ability to optimize the operation and maintenance of assets, and thus tangibly improve business efficiency.

Combining this solution with Izertis' expertise provides a complete digital transformation that enables companies to face contemporary challenges with greater confidence and success. Contact us and find out how we can boost your business development.