Benefits HxGN EAM

Advantages of HxGN EAM 12.1: strengthen your asset management strategy

Effective asset management is essential to the success of any organisation. That's why upgrading to HxGN EAM 12.1 represents a significant step forward in optimising your asset management strategy. This new version brings with it a host of benefits that will help strengthen your operations and boost the growth of your business.

In this article, we explore the benefits of this upgrade and how it can strengthen your asset management strategy. Efficient asset management is crucial for any organisation looking to optimise its processes, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Hexagon and HxGN EAM

It provides valuable insights to support informed decision-making

Hexagon is leading the digital transformation globally by combining sensors, software and autonomous technologies, boosting efficiency, productivity, quality and safety in multiple sectors, including agriculture, public safety and infrastructure. One of its significant offerings is HxGN EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), a comprehensive solution that allows organisations to monitor, maintain and optimise their physical assets, promoting efficiency and reducing operating costs, by including the following modules:

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Labour Management
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Budget Management
  • Compatible Units
  • Safety Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Project Management

Main benefits of HxGN EAM

HxGN EAM 12.1 empowers organisations to optimise their performance and promote operational excellence

  1. Efficiency Improvements: features designed to increase the efficiency of your asset management operations. From process automation to real-time data integration, this solution offers powerful tools to optimise your operational practices.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: with the ability to collect, analyse and visualise data in real time, it provides valuable insights to support informed decision-making. By having a broad view of the performance of your assets, you can identify areas for improvement and implement proactive strategies to maximise return on investment.
  3. Cost Reduction: efficient asset management can lead to a significant reduction in operating costs. With this solution you can identify and correct problems before they become major expenses, thus extending the useful life of your assets, reducing maintenance hours and avoiding unplanned downtime.

HxGN EAM 12.1 highlights

With its advanced functionalities, smooth integration and unique user experience, HxGN EAM 12.1 empowers organisations to optimise their performance and promote operational excellence. The main improvements and features offered by this version include:

  • HxGN EAM Databridge Pro: offers simplified data integration, enabling the seamless flow of data between different systems. With data pipelines, real-time insights and total control in a single solution, you can make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data.
  • Built-in Approval Workflows: allow you to manage work orders, case management, requisitions and purchase orders more efficiently. This functionality simplifies the approval process, reducing the time needed to complete important tasks.
  • Dynamic checklists: they allow you to adapt the workflow based on the answers provided. Checklist items that only appear when another item on the list is answered with a certain value, guaranteeing a personalised and efficient approach to task management.
  • Document optimisation: with the ability to lock documents, view version history and preview a document in the registry view, you can guarantee the integrity and security of your documents while keeping a complete history of all changes.
  • Mobile upgrades: the NFC scanning capabilities for HxGN EAM Digital Work, along with the updated UI for Mobile Offline and much more, provide an enhanced mobile experience for users. Now technicians can access critical information in real time, wherever they are, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Additional Improvements: new UI themes, improved PM Schedules, personalised URL widgets, context-sensitive help and ArcGIS support updates, among others. They guarantee access to the tools you need to maximise the performance of your assets and drive operational excellence.

Optimise your assets with HxGN EAM 12.1 partnered with Izertis

Izertis, a Hexagon partner specialising in HxGN EAM optimisation, adapts the platform to the specific needs of each industry. With a team of certified consultants, we integrate HxGN EAM with industry best practices to maximise the performance of your assets. Upgrading to HxGN EAM 12.1 also offers further improvements in efficiency and data-driven decision making through to cost reduction and regulatory compliance.