electronic invoicing

The importance of electronic invoicing for business efficiency

Electronic invoicing offers several crucial benefits for companies, from operational efficiency to cost reduction and environmental sustainability. However, its implementation is subject to complex legal challenges, requiring strict compliance with specific regulations

In this context, Izertis offers innovative technological solutions to help companies meet these challenges and maximise the benefits of e-invoicing. An exemplary success story is its Infor e-invoicing software, offering extensive functionalities for financial management, guaranteeing legal compliance and operational efficiency.

Benefits of e-invoicing for companies

The transition to electronic invoicing brings several significant advantages for companies:

  • Operational efficiency: facilitates faster and more accurate management of financial documents.
  • Process automation: reduces human errors and improves the accuracy of transactions.
  • Cost reduction: eliminates costs associated with printing, sending and storing paper invoices.
  • Environmental sustainability: reduces paper consumption in line with sustainable business practices.

Electronic invoicing process

The process involves several stages:

  1. System configuration: Ensure system compatibility with e-invoicing standards.
  2. Issuing invoices: Sending electronic invoices to customers by e-mail or via specific platforms.
  3. Follow-up: Monitor the status of invoices to ensure proper receipt and processing.

Legislation on electronic invoicing

Izertis offers innovative integrated solutions that guarantee holistic and personalised business management

The implementation of electronic invoicing is subject to a series of legal and regulatory requirements, especially when it comes to transactions with public entities. There are specific regulations for each country that define the standards and acceptable formats for electronic invoices, as well as the deadlines for their issue and delivery.

Compliance with legal standards can facilitate integration and interoperability between the e-invoicing systems of companies and the public entities with which they do business.

Electronic invoicing success story for a pharmaceutical industry client

Izertis offers innovative integrated solutions that guarantee holistic and personalised business management

Izertis realised an e-invoicing solution for a client in the pharmaceutical industry, boosting its efficiency and legal compliance. 
The client wanted to expand the use of the e-invoice platform implemented for communicating invoices to public authorities. The invoicing data was extracted from the current transactional system and sent to the communications operator, responsible for adding the digital certificate, delivering the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) message to the end customer and archiving it under legal requirements

In the implemented solution's data flow, invoicing data is extracted from various transactional systems, including Infor LX, Infor CS, Infor LN, XA, S/21, SAP and other proprietary solutions. This data is sent to the communications operator, who adds the digital certificate, delivers the EDI message to the end customer and archives it following legal requirements.

This process demonstrates the integration between the different transactional systems and the communication platform, enabling efficient and secure communication with business partners and guaranteeing compliance with the legal requirements for communicating electronic invoices to public authorities.

Innovate and automate electronic invoicing with Infor ERP from Izertis

Izertis offers innovative integrated solutions that guarantee holistic and personalised business management. Of particular note is Infor, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed specifically for industrial companies with comprehensive functionalities for financial management – including e-invoicing – which automates the invoicing process, ensuring legal compliance and improving operational efficiency. In addition, Izertis provides technical support and ongoing maintenance, ensuring the smooth running of the solution over time.