Infor CloudSuite Industrial

Infor CloudSuite Industrial: Sales-Driven advantages for your company

In today's business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires robust and agile solutions that enable organizations to streamline operations, increase productivity, and drive growth.  

CloudSuite Industrial has proven to be a game-changer, allowing companies to unlock their full potential

Among the wide range of options available, Infor CloudSuite Industrial stands out as a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed for the specific needs of the manufacturing and distribution industry. With its selection of advantages, CloudSuite Industrial has proven to be a game-changer, allowing companies to unlock their full potential. But what are the essential benefits of Infor CloudSuite Industrial for your business?  

Infor CloudSuite Industrial advantages

Customer and Order Management 360  

CloudSuite Industrial offers Customer 360 tools to convert leads into customers, using its optimized dashboard that allows you to track and manage campaigns, sales prospects, and opportunities. With this tool, you can enter orders directly via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or empower customers themselves to place orders via a dedicated portal or the Infor Configurator. 

Excellence in the Production Cycle  

CloudSuite Industrial provides excellent tools for the manufacturing sector, designed to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and promote innovation. The solution offers real-time visibility into the complete manufacturing process, from supply chain management and production planning to quality control and shop floor execution.

This end-to-end visibility enables manufacturers to identify bottlenecks, reduce lead times, and make data-driven decisions, for increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction. 

Advanced Financial Management  

Financial management is a critical aspect of any business, and CloudSuite Industrial offers exceptional capabilities in this domain. The solution provides robust financial modules, including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, asset management, and treasury management.

With its integrated financial management tools, companies can automate processes, obtain real-time insights, and ensure regulatory compliance. Advanced reporting and analytical features enable customers to make informed financial decisions and increase profitability. 

Optimized Supply Chain

Efficient supply chain management is vital for organizations operating in today's global marketplace. CloudSuite Industrial provides teams with advanced supply chain optimization capability, empowering them to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. The solution enables seamless collaboration with suppliers, improves demand planning accuracy, optimizes inventory levels and facilitates efficient order fulfilment. With CloudSuite Industrial, customers can achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, mitigate risk and respond quickly to market needs. 

Project and Engineering Management 

Customers in the construction and engineering industries greatly benefit from CloudSuite Industrial's project management modules. The solution offers robust capabilities for project tracking, resource management, and budgeting, enabling customers to manage projects effectively from end to end. With integrated tools, companies can simplify complex engineering processes, optimize project timelines - delivering within budget and with superior quality - and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

A path to success

Infor CloudSuite Industrial emerges as a revolutionary solution, offering myriad advantages to diverse customers across all industries. From production excellence to improved financial management, optimized supply chain, and project management, CloudSuite Industrial allows companies to overcome challenges, unlock opportunities, and drive sustainable growth. 

By harnessing the power of the cloud and leveraging advanced functionalities, customers can streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and outperform the competition. With Izertis and its technology partners, organizations can embrace digital transformation, revolutionize their operations and embark on a path to long-term success in an ever-evolving business landscape.