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Infor ERP: simplification through implementation in a unified system

The success of companies is intrinsically linked to uninterrupted operational efficiency, especially in a scenario where we are witnessing a constant evolution in productivity driven by cutting-edge technologies. For many companies, this means migrating from several dispersed systems to an integrated solution, such as Infor ERP, which promotes unified and effective management.

In this article, we explore how implementing Infor ERP in a unified system simplifies processes and optimizes operational efficiency, highlighting the importance of implementing quality management systems, such as ISO 9001, and information systems, such as CRMs.

Benefits of a modern ERP

Implementing or upgrading to a modern ERP can cause significant business disruption, however, its benefits in terms of productivity and operational improvements considerably outweigh the costs and potential risks involved. Modern ERP systems offer a range of benefits, including ease of use, better-informed business decisions, the ability to attract and retain talent, greater collaboration and significant improvements in performance metrics.

Simplification through unification

This unification and increased collaborative capability allows for increased productivity in crucial areas of any business.

The transition from different systems to a unified implementation, such as Infor ERP, represents a significant leap towards operational simplification. By consolidating dispersed processes on different platforms, companies can reduce redundancy, eliminate communication gaps and increase visibility over operations. This results in more efficient and informed management, allowing more agile and accurate decision-making.

This unification and broader collaboration capacity make it possible to increase productivity in crucial areas of any company, such as administration and finance, operations or sales.

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ISO 9001: implementing a quality management system

The implementation of a quality management system, such as ISO 9001, is crucial in ensuring the consistency and conformity of processes. By integrating Infor ERP with internationally recognized quality standards, companies can automate compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving customer satisfaction.

Integration of information systems

Companies can personalise their service, anticipate customer needs and strengthen business relationships

In addition to quality management, the integration of Infor ERP makes it possible to incorporate complementary information systems, such as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). This integration provides a comprehensive view of customers, from first contact to sales and after-sales service. With a unified view of customer data, companies can personalize their service, anticipate customer needs and strengthen business relationships.

Optimizing operational efficiency

By migrating to a unified implementation such as Infor ERP, companies can both simplify processes and optimize operational efficiency. Manual task automation, real-time data analysis and process standardization result in shorter production cycles, less waste and greater productivity. This operational efficiency translates into significant competitive advantages, allowing companies to respond more quickly and effectively to market changes.

Towards an integrated and unified system

With Izertis' extensive experience and expertise in Infor solutions, companies can count on a reliable and committed partner

The implementation of Infor ERP as part of an integrated, unified system marks a crucial point in companies' journey towards operational excellence. By streamlining processes, integrating quality and information management systems, and optimizing operational efficiency, companies are well-positioned to face the challenges of today's market and thrive in the future. Investing in a unified implementation is more than a strategic decision – it is a decisive step towards sustainable business success.

With Izertis' extensive experience and expertise in Infor solutions, companies can count on a reliable and committed partner for their ERP systems implementation and support, thus ensuring a smooth and successful transition to unified and efficient management.