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Infor LX: a modern, scalable and secure ERP solution consolidated by Izertis

Given the highly competitive business environment, companies need agile and efficient systems to tackle business management challenges. With this objective, Izertis presents Infor LX, a comprehensive ERP solution built on the scalable IBM i® platform with manufacturing processes, supply chain, and finance functionalities.

Industrial specialization

Infor LX is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that offers specific functionalities for various sectors, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and automotive industries. The latest version, Infor LX 8.4, is available for both cloud and on-premises, providing a modern and agile application built on the reliable and scalable IBM i® platform. Formerly known as BPCS, Infor LX is the go-to choice for manufacturers of all sizes in more than 50 countries to support all stages of their discrete and continuous product manufacturing processes.

With an intuitive interface and pre-configured process catalogues for each industry, the implementation of Infor LX is fast and efficient. It allows companies to optimize their processes and effectively meet the unique requirements of their respective markets.

Improve operational efficiency with Infor LX

Using Infor LX can provide your company with several benefits to enhance operational efficiency. With Infor LX, you can:

  1. Automate key processes: Infor LX allows you to automate essential business processes by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. In turn, it reduces errors, improves productivity, and allows your team to concentrate on more strategic activities that add more value.
  2. Integrate and centralize data: With Infor LX, you have a centralized platform that integrates data from different company areas. This holistic view of your business processes improves inter-department communication, streamlines workflows, and facilitates informed decision-making.
  3. Enhance collaboration: Infor LX offers advanced features to improve collaboration between teams and departments. With integrated communication tools and document sharing, you can promote efficient information exchange, facilitate project collaboration, and make joint decisions based on updated data.

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Infor LX offers a number of benefits to increase your company's operational efficiency

Manufacturing and supply chain support

With specific resources for discrete and continuous production, the platform offers a 360º view of critical business information through the Infor Development Framework (IDF). Additionally, report automation and the technology stack incorporated into Infor LX help increase operational efficiency and relieve IT departments in companies.

Continued investment in the future

Infor is committed to continuously investing in the development of Infor LX, ensuring that the solution is always up-to-date to meet the needs of companies in a constantly changing environment. Companies can easily adapt to new market demands with the integration capabilities of Infor LX with other Infor and third-party solutions.

Integration of strategic solutions

  • Infor PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for optimization of formulations, BOMs, and packaging.
  • Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to execute and improve all order and customer-related activities.
  • Infor APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling) for supply chain control, warehouse and transportation management.
  • Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) for effective monitoring of equipment, machinery, and capital assets.
  • Infor CPM (Corporate Performance Management) for performance measurement and monitoring, providing business intelligence and decision support.

Foster your organization's potential with Infor LX

By upgrading to the latest version of Infor LX, release 8.4.1, your company will be ready to face market challenges with fundamental improvements, an extended database, and global modernization. Infor LX offers advanced features such as built-in warehouse management, supplier collaboration, and supplier-managed inventory, which are standard and cater to all your supply chain requirements. Additionally, built-in document management, notifications, and workflows enhance team collaboration and productivity

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Infor LX offers advanced features that will enable your business to meet the challenges of the marketplace

Infor LX by Izertis is the ideal choice for companies seeking a modern, scalable, and secure ERP solution to improve operational efficiency and achieve success in the coming years. Infor LX is a powerful tool that can help improve your business's efficiency, collaboration, and growth. With its industry-specific features, user-friendly interface, and ability to adapt to market changes, it's an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Companies can effectively overcome multiple manufacturing challenges by implementing strategic solutions.

Don't miss the opportunity to foster the full potential of your organization with Infor LX. Contact Izertis and discover how we can help you implement and optimize Infor LX for your business.