Izertis participates in the protection of Egarsat's infrastructures

Egarsat is a non-profit organisation that collaborates with the Social Security in the coverage of professional contingencies, such as accidents at work and professional illnesses, the economic benefit for temporary incapacity derived from common contingencies, or preventive activities.

This entity was created in 2007 after the merger of two century-old mutuals, Mutua Egara and SATmutua, with the mission of providing efficient responses to the expectations of employers, attending to the needs of workers.

Egarsat currently has an alliance with other mutual insurance companies. This alliance has 218 of its own centres throughout the country where it manages the financial compensation of its mutuals and their collaborating offices, as well as offering the necessary support in matters related to Social Security, contributions, RED and Delta/CoNTA systems through its service managers and administrative team.

Izertis responds to the public tender published by Egarsat with an innovative implementation of a comprehensive backup system

"At Izertis we offer a complete suite on which to build solutions in growing areas that have already been consolidated for years, such as infrastructures and security systems, with the guarantee of having a solvent technology and technical support that boasts the highest quality standard currently offered by the market", has explained Juan Carlos Seco, our Head of Presales and Consulting.

Izertis responds to the public tender published by Egarsat with an innovative implementation of a comprehensive backup system, including the most up-to-date and secure techniques available on the market, which will improve the company's entire backup system, including the central offices and its branches.

As a result of the award of the public tender made by Egarsat, dynamic meetings were established between Izertis and the client, in which all the necessary information and Egarsat's preferences were gathered, a fluid two-way communication channel was established and a system was designed based on storage elements with modern data protection, enabled for the cloud and with the capacity to more than cover the current and future needs of Egarsat's IT environments. A reliable and scalable system consisting of two physical storage elements, backup software and IT security elements.

One of the two storage elements of the agreed design was located at the customer's head office as the primary backup unit. A second element was then added as a security element in a remote centre defined by the client. Subsequently, the software that was already in use at Egarsat as a regular backup method was integrated with a new, more up-to-date software, both combined with the idea of having greater consistency of backups. The two hardware elements were installed at each of the Egarsat sites, linked together by a MacroLan, guaranteeing communication.

The final part of the project included a move to support, with our User Support Centre and its team of highly qualified technicians, from where we respond to any type of incident, doubt or suggestion from the client to guarantee their complete satisfaction with the implemented solution.