Proyecto Colombia

Izertis, chosen for the creation of specialized software for attracting international projects in Colombia

Our corporation has been the winning company in the tender called by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to carry out the design, construction and implementation of specialized software for attracting business opportunities, related to architecture systems and engineering for companies in Colombia. The initiative will be created in close collaboration and under the supervision of ProColombia, the body in charge of the internationalization of companies in this country.

At present, each organization or country has platforms, applications and technological tools, in which the publication or disclosure of offers is made, calls for bids and calls for suppliers and proponents, to develop projects and provide services that could be attended by companies from different countries. ProColombia's commercial offices are currently conducting a search, selection, prioritization, organization and reporting process with potential opportunities for exporters.

However, this process was being carried out semi-manual, using a high number of hours / person because it is reprocessed information, and subject to human error, and may present a gap of up to two weeks from the moment the information is collected to that came to the knowledge of the companies.

“Taking into account that the time between the publication of the contest and the deadline for submitting the proposal is very short, having a tool for consulting these processes multiplies exponentially the chances of success of entrepreneurs interested in being suppliers of the State in countries of the region”, has explained Alberto González, our head of International Projects.

Likewise, the intention of this digital transformation initiative is to significantly increase the optimization and location of opportunities, so that Colombian companies are the ones who opt more for these business opportunities in the international market.

According to data from the Ministry of ICT of the Government of Colombia (MindTIC), this country is considered the fourth most relevant market for IT services in Latin America, behind Brazil, Mexico and Chile. In this line, its IT exports exceeded 229 million dollars in the last year and positioning the country as a platform to reach markets, among which the United States (33%), Ecuador (14.1%) and Mexico (8.3%) stand out.

IDB's role for the internationalization of Colombia

This contract is part of the ‘Program to support the diversification and internationalization of the Colombian economy’, by the IDB, whose purpose for more than 60 years has been the economic, social and institutional growth of Latin America.

Since its inception, the IDB has championed large-scale projects, which has led it to become the bank with the largest capitalization in the world in its category, with ordinary capital exceeding 100 million dollars.