Communication of automatic invoices

Efficiency in the communication of automatic invoices in the pharmaceutical sector

The quest for logistics and tax efficiency represents a multifaceted challenge for organisations. At the intersection between the movement of goods and compliance with tax regulations, companies face a series of challenges that require innovative and integrated approaches. 

Recognising this need, Izertis has established a strategic partnership with a client in the pharmaceutical sector to optimise the flow of goods and guarantee tax compliance by automating the communication of guides for the goods in circulation regime to the Portuguese Tax Authority.

Challenges of logistical and fiscal efficiency

  • Complexity of logistics processes: the increasing globalisation and complexity of supply chains increases the difficulty of logistics management. From coordinating multiple suppliers to ensuring on-time deliveries, companies face the challenge of optimising each stage of the process, minimising costs and maximising efficiency.
  • Constantly evolving tax legislation: tax requirements are constantly changing, with new regulations being introduced on a regular basis. This creates a need for companies to keep up to date and ensure compliance with all tax obligations, at the risk of penalties and sanctions.
  • Impact of digitalisation and technology: systems integration and data cybersecurity are critical concerns, especially when it comes to securely sharing sensitive information with tax authorities.
  • Risk management and quality control: from fraud prevention to ensuring data accuracy, companies face significant challenges in maintaining high standards of integrity and compliance.
  • Competitive pressure and customer expectations: in an increasingly competitive market, companies face pressure to offer faster, more reliable and more efficient services. This requires constant innovation and improvement in logistics and tax processes in order to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the market.

Advantages of the Izertis solution for tax and logistics management

Izertis stands out as a reliable partner in digital transformation

Faced with the challenges of logistics and tax efficiency, the need for a holistic integration of processes, technology and regulatory compliance is becoming evident. Companies that adopt a proactive and collaborative approach to tackling these challenges will be better placed to thrive in a constantly evolving business environment.

Izertis stands out as a reliable partner in the digital transformation with numerous advantages in its solutions:

  • Compliance with current regulations: Including technologies such as Infor ensures compliance with constantly evolving tax and logistics regulations, allowing companies to easily adapt to regulatory changes and avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  • Operational efficiency: by optimising tax and logistics management processes, they help companies increase their operational efficiency to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core activities and boost their growth.
  • Advanced technology: offers cutting-edge, highly customisable and scalable technologies designed to meet the specific needs of companies in managing their tax and logistics operations.
  • Specialised support: Izertis' team of experts provides specialised advice and support to meet each client's requirements.
  • Continuous innovation: as a leader in technology and innovation, it constantly seeks improvements and updates to its solutions to ensure that its customers remain ahead of the competition, evolving to meet their ever-changing needs.

Izertis success story in the pharmaceutical sector

This solution has resulted in more effective management  

With a results-oriented approach, Izertis developed a customised solution for a client in the pharmaceutical sector to meet the challenge of ensuring compliance with the Portuguese Tax Authority's regulatory requirements, including:

  • Integrated system implementation: we developed and implemented an integrated system for managing waybills, guaranteeing meticulous recording of the movement of goods and the generation of appropriate transport documents in compliance with current regulations.
  • Automated invoice validation: we integrated an automated invoice validation feature into the system, allowing customers to quickly verify the authenticity and legality of documents using the invoice's certificate number.
  • Guaranteeing compliance and meeting deadlines: we ensured that all waybills complied with regulatory requirements, guaranteeing compliance with deadlines and avoiding tax implications arising from delays or lack of compliance.

This solution has resulted in more efficient management and strict compliance with tax regulations for the client, who enjoys simplified processes, greater legal certainty and a significant reduction in the risk of tax implications.

Maximise tax and logistics efficiency with Izertis

Izertis stands out as a benchmark in the field of digital transformation 

To ensure efficient and compliant management of your tax and logistics obligations, explore the solutions offered by Izertis. With expertise in technology and innovation, Izertis offers Infor solutions that can optimise your processes and ensure compliance with current regulations.

Discover how Izertis stands out as a benchmark in the area of digital transformation and take your tax and logistics management to a new level of efficiency.