Web analytics

Izertis and Renta4: how to renew web analytics services

Among the many services offered by Izertis, is the implementation of web analytics tools. A service that Renta 4 has taken advantage of to get to know its users better and thus be able to make decisions aimed at both improving the customer experience and developing cross-selling strategies.

Renta 4 Banco is a financial entity specialized in wealth management, capital markets and investment services. Like other organizations, it has a private web area aimed at facilitating procedures regarding customer services and products. However, this area wanted to greatly improve its analytical implementation, with which those responsible for the project would have greater visibility over the most demanded content and customer preferences. To solve this challenge, they resorted to Izertis services.

A project aimed at data-driven culture

Izertis proposed an implementation oriented towards a data driven culture, where all decisions were made based on the analysis of data and information. Specifically, the project was structured in 4 phases.

The first step was to perform an audit of the data. Izertis analysed Renta 4's private ecosystem in detail in order to detect shortcomings or errors to be solved. As a result of the audit, guidance was provided to the client and a manual of good practices was drawn up to avoid future incidents.

Consequently, it came the measurement and technical implementation phase. Our company proposed a measurement plan to detect which were the most relevant user interaction elements, such as banners, widgets, menu areas, display of actions, etc. Based on this, a range of KPIs were defined.

Once the KPIs were defined, it was time for the quantitative analysis of the data. Through a complex labelling, Izertis proceeded to measure all the elements detected in the previous phase. In this phase, a fully interactive dashboard was developed that could be interpreted by non-technical users. In this way, those responsible for Renta 4's private website could view the information and make decisions based on data without the need for intermediaries.

Finally, the qualitative analysis of the data was carried out through the implementation of a range of tools. Izertis provided the client with heat maps, recordings and other elements that allow knowing the web’s hottest spots. In this way, Renta 4 today has the necessary information to apply design improvements aimed at optimizing conversion. Reports were also prepared with recommendations to apply to the design of the private part and improve the user experience, thus facilitating access to other services of interest.

Thanks to the service and the implemented tools, Renta 4 can currently carry out a simple and visual follow-up of the analysis of user behaviour in the private part of its website. This information in turn allows them to make decisions aimed at improving cross-selling, user experience and loyalty.

Today, Izertis continues to collaborate with Renta 4, responding to specific requests and needs that enrich the service.

Article co-written by Laura Castillo Martínez and Paula López Veiga.