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How to become a Data Driven organisation?

As you will remember from the post "What is the maturity level of your organisation's data management?" We explained that there are several levels of data maturity: Inactive, Reactive, Proactive and Optimised, the latter being the one that Data Driven organisations have. But few organisations are at this level, for those companies that are not born Data Driven, it is necessary to establish an implementation plan for a Data Governance project.

However, here it comes the most important part, how do we come to define this plan, and where do we start? A data governance project is a progressive transformation in which data management activities are defined, and to start this transformation, the first step is to know the current situation, in other words, the AS IS Assessment.

Any organisation that chooses to assess its level of data management maturity is already engaged in an effort to improve its practices

Any organisation that chooses to assess its level of data management maturity is already engaged in an effort to improve its practices. In most cases, such an organisation will have identified what motivates them to undertake the assessment. These factors should be clarified in the form of objectives that describe the approach and influence the scope of the assessment. The objectives of the assessment should be clearly understood by executives and business lines, who can help ensure alignment with the strategic direction of the organisation.

It is possible that we already have this type of assessment, or something similar, in our organisation. If that is our case, we are an organisation with a Proactive maturity level, we would only need to implement data governance.

But back to the lower levels of maturity, how can we improve?

Izertis can help you to carry out the AS IS assessment. Our experts in Data Governance, applying the DAMA International methodology, will carry out a global study to assess the current state of your organisation's data management. Therefore, what does this study consist of? Well, it is about carrying out partial studies in each of the areas of knowledge that this methodology applies:

In order to accomplish these studies, key users will be involved through interviews and with the support of any documentation that the organisation already has. Once the results of the study of each of the blocks are available, the measure or metric that will allow us to see what level of maturity our organisation is at will be obtained.

This is easy to see with a simple example:

If we make a simple average considering that all the blocks have the same clout, we could say that the maturity level is Reactive, but if we consider that some blocks could have more clout, and those are the ones that would have obtained a higher result, a weighting factor could be applied that would indicate a somewhat higher maturity level, possibly Proactive.

Likewise, something decisive in this case is that the governance block has a very low evaluation, making it a clear example of Reactive maturity, as there is no corporate data governance project, but rather it could be a separate management in different silos and is not managed by a team dedicated to data management, but rather focused on resolving needs that arise on an ad hoc basis.

For those organisations with this Reactive maturity level, Izertis proposes to start by incorporating the Data Governance function. This function is the most important, as it is defined as the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring and execution) over the management of data assets. It should guide all other data management activities, ensuring that data is managed according to defined policies and procedures.

Objective: Data Driven Organisation

Let us help you and be your partner on the journey to achieve this goal. We will start with the assessment of your state of maturity if you have not done this previous study and we will accompany you in the implementation of data governance in your organisation to achieve it. Izertis, with its experience in this type of projects, is your best ally.