ESM Guide
Juan Manuel Espinoza Lead of Enterprise & IT Governance Consulting

Get to know the ESM guide to boost your company's organisational capabilities

On Tuesday 19 December, in an event with more than 800 people registered and coming from Spain and different Latin American countries, our colleague JuanMa Espinoza presented what he has called #LaGuiaESM.

This is an initiative that seeks to enhance organisational capabilities through the appropriate, coordinated and integrated use of some of the main disciplines of governance and management. The aim is to provide the approach and knowledge necessary to approach the implementation of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with greater confidence and likelihood of success, considering that it "goes beyond IT".

Download the guide here

We at Izertis support the proposed model, not only because it makes logical and appropriate sense, but also because we truly believe that the combination of disciplines proposed within the model is a powerful combination. While each discipline is more than relevant on its own, combining them through an integrated approach is a truly tangible solution for organisations.

esm guide

​​​​​We invite you to carefully review this approach which, as JuanMa says, is not exactly new, but it was necessary that someone took the time to write it down and describe it in order to avoid that, using the experience of so many years in the ITSM world, we fall into the same mistakes as always. Forrester puts ESM on the crest of the wave today, and it will undoubtedly be one of the biggest trends in the coming years, and considering that "...ESM is the evolution of ITSM", it makes sense to leverage all the expertise already in place to achieve better results than ever before.

The combination of disciplines proposed are a powerful combination​​​​​

At Izertis we can accompany you in the analysis, definition, implementation and start-up of "Enterprise Service Management (ESM)" with total confidence and determination, just as we have been doing in large industrial corporations in Spain, where we accompany our clients in the task of evolving their "non-IT" services. If you want more information, please contact us.