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Ensure the quality and accuracy of accounting and financial information with Talentia Financial Suite

Ensuring the quality and accuracy of accounting and financial information is crucial for the health of any organization. The accuracy of financial information depends largely on cost validation, an essential process for ensuring that expenses and revenues are correctly recorded and allocated. There are several tools and software dedicated to cost validation and systems that automate data verification, reduce human error, and ensure that transactions are recorded correctly. 

Izertis, a leading technology consultancy, provides CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solutions specially designed for economic groups with several companies and public limited companies with compliance needs, and organizations that need to respond to regulators, produce management reports and obtain financial information in real-time.

Talentia Financial Suite and high-quality financial information

High quality financial information should be accurate, complete, relevant and timely

The Talentia Financial Suite stands out as a comprehensive and effective platform, designed to support CFOs in financial management, performance control, consolidation and financial close. This solution enables finance departments to support business growth and manage its complexity efficiently and accurately.

High-quality financial information should be accurate, complete, relevant, and timely. Talentia Financial Suite guarantees these features by providing advanced tools for financial management and control, and efficiency, which ensure data integrity and facilitate informed decision-making.

5 Tips for managing accounting and financial information

  1. Implement an overall strategy: business management software can support this strategy by providing tools that facilitate the coordination and comprehensive analysis of financial data to ensure its quality and integrity.
  2. Uses standard and custom indicators and analyses: allows you to create and monitor standard and custom indicators, adjusting them according to the specific needs of the company to obtain a detailed and accurate view.
  3. Charges a broad spectrum of functions: an integrated system facilitates coverage, ensuring that all departments, from accounting to human resource management, use consistent and up-to-date data.
  4. Select and integrate data from multiple sources: it is vital to get a complete view of accounting and financial information. This allows for a more detailed and accurate analysis, which is critical for informed decision-making.
  5. Manage information collaboratively: business management software supports collaboration between teams, allowing everyone involved to have access to the same up-to-date information and be able to work in a synchronized manner.

What is Talentia Financial Suite and what challenges does it address?

Talentia Financial Suite is a powerful tool that effectively tackles various modern financial and organizational challenges. It is the ideal solution for businesses looking for an integrated and efficient platform to manage their financial complexity and promote sustainable growth. From managing multiple locations and businesses to decentralizing and adapting to constant regulatory changes, this platform provides robust and adaptable solutions to address a variety of challenges:

  • Companies with complex structures, such as diverse locations, businesses, and taxpayers, that benefit from a centralized and cohesive approach.
  • In an environment of hyper-growth and digitalization, maintaining operational excellence and regulatory compliance can be challenging.
  • With the disparity of information systems and data sources, the obsolescence of solutions becomes a critical problem.
  • Internationalization and investor relations require reliable predictability and control.

Features of Talentia Financial Suite

Enables fast and accurate closing of accounting periods

  • Integrated financial management: covers all key areas, from accounting to performance control, with automated processes and collaborative features, allowing finance departments to focus on growth strategies and operational optimization.
  • Consolidation and closing: automates the reconciliation of accounts, significantly reducing the time and effort required to complete financial tasks, which allows for fast and accurate closing of accounting periods.
  • Performance management: through detailed reports and customized analyses, it allows you to monitor and adjust your strategies in real-time, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Financial intelligence: provides valuable insights into business performance with adaptable reporting and detailed analytics for a clear and accurate view.
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reports: essential to demonstrate the company's commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, and to align with international standards.

Key benefits of Talentia Financial Suite

  • Optimization of accounting and financial operations;
  • Simplification of financial information management;
  • Automation of reports, forecasts and simulations;
  • Facilitation of communication between teams;
  • Real-time financial performance management; 
  • Obtain accurate and customizable reports on financial performance.

Discover Talentia's Financial solutions with Izertis

Izertis offers CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solutions from comprehensive platforms, such as Talentia Financial Suite, designed to address the modern challenges of corporate finance and manage corporate performance, such as: 

  • Budget;
  • Forecast and Rolling forecast;
  • Management Reports;
  • Multi-standard Statutory Consolidation;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Intragroup Reconciliation.

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