A dynamic and secure environment for your company information

Manage the de-escalation of the COVID-19

Enable your employees to select the location of their workspace from their mobile.
Check the availability of each position in real time and the available capacity of the office at any time.
Free and lock jobs from the control panel to respond to day-today incidents.
Generate reports on the use and occupation of each office to optimize your spaces.
Cuestionario de salud
Health questionnaire
Generate internal questionnaires to check the health status of all workers at all times.
Gestión eficiente de la limpieza
Efficient cleaning management
Generate reports for cleaning staff to increase cleaning in the positions used every day.
Repositorio de información
Information repository
Unify the information related to COVID-19 in a centralized repository with documents, tutorials, infographics, videos, etc.
Administrative steps

Employee procedures

Registro horario

Time Registration

Enables time registration to comply with current legislation.



Access to the employee’s payroll history.



Access to personal income tax deduction certificates.



Space for requesting advances.

Vacaciones y permisos

Vacations and leaves

Application with approval flow by the responsible for each employee.

Gastos y dietas

Expenses and per diem

Management of expenses and per diems with approval flow.




Gestión de reservas asociadas a viajes de empresa: billetes, hotel, coches de alquiler.


Información sobre gestión de visado, requisitos mínimos, tiempos de tramitación y emisión de visado.


Application for advance payments and travel card.

Travel assistance

Travel assistance and contingencies.

Información corporativa



Events, key projects, success stories, company culture, partners and customers, quality policies,...
Documentación corporativa

Corporate documentation

Occupational risk prevention, Safety and management policy, Equality and mobility plans, Corporate standards…


Administrative procedures for workers, Access control, Travel and Dinner cards, De-escalation protocols and action against COVID-19…
Compromiso social y medioambiental

Social and environmental commitment

Quality and environmental management documents for both the company and the employees.
Social communication


Quién es quién

Who’s who

Employee search engine, with access to the information file and the employee’s status.

Red Social

Social network

Where employees can publish any post, accompanied by a photo or video. In addition, the company has public profiles (channels) so that its contents can be seen by all employees.

Foros temáticos

Thematic forums

Value and share experiences, or solve doubts in a simple and organized way.



So that employees are intercommunicated at all times.



For knowledge management internal, procedures, howtos, etc…



To collect opinions from employees.


Other functionalities

  • Management of offices supplies.
  • Telephony and printer management.
  • Management of rooms and computer equipment.
  • Facilities: Information on buildings and accesses, instructions and support on company IT telephony, relevant information for employees on travel, medical service, dining room, room reservation, reception of personal online shopping packages…

Modular design

Activate the functionalities that your organization needs at every moment.

Custom functionalities can also be integrated.

A robust environment

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