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Manage the de-escalation of the COVID-19

Enable your employees to select the location of ther workspace crom their mobile.
Check the availability of each position in real time and the available capacity of the office at any time.
Free and lock jobs from the control panel to respond to day-to-day incidents.
Generate reports on the use and occupation of each office to optimize your spaces.
Cuestionario de salud
Health questionnaire
Generateinternal questionnairesto check the health status of all workers at all times
Gestión eficiente de la limpieza
Efficient cleaning management
Generate reports for cleaning staff to increase cleaning in the positions used every day.
Repositorio de información
Information repository
Unify the information related to COVID-19 in a centralized repository with documents, tutorials, infographics, videos, etc

Connect with your employees

Improve your communication with your employees

Create a communiaction channel with your employees and connect with them tghrough a personalized, agile and social proposal.

Create a mobile experience

Allow access to employees throught any device, anywhere in the world, via the web or via the app.

Facilitate the exchange of knowledge

Break the silos with wikis, chats and social networks where you can share internal knowledge and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Increase employee satisfaction

Using social gadgets: discount section, car sharing platform, health applications, travel guides, buying and selling apps, etc.

Develop your people & culture philosophy

Unify in one place the talent management, know the opinions of your employees through surveys, enable an academic secretary, communicate through internal social networks, etc

Speed up administrative procedures

Manage on-line the procedures of the employees: time registration, holidays, expenses, payroll, etc. Greater agility and lower administrative costs with standardized processes.

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Izertiano con tablet
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Digital transformation is marked by rapidly evolving organizational, technological and social changes that force companies to adapt.

Today's employees look for a user experience on an intranet to what they have in other areas of their life and that is key.

Organizations must create better employee experiences to build effective teams that can thrive amid complex business processes.

Investing in great experiences generates benefits for every organization


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