IT Governance

We help Organizations to achieve their objectives, with optimal allocation of their available resources and with the efficient risk management through:

  • Design and implementation of organizational models and internal processes tailored to the Client needs.
  • Optimized management of program, project and service portfolios.
  • Establishment a of continuous change culture to improve performance and adaptability at all levels of the organization.
  • Professionalization and automation of portfolio, program, project and service management with market-leading tools.
Organization & Processess
Strategic Portfolio Management
Program & Project Management
Service Management
Change Management
Enterprise & IT Governance Solutions

Organization &

We design structures that are organized, administered and measured around the Organization's processes, considering the necessary and sufficient governance models to support management by process with a focus on the Organization's value chain and objectives.


We support and lead organizations with the design and implementation of the roadmap that aims at training all levels of the Organization to operate in an agile way ("Business Agility")


We use a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of the strategy, applying architectural principles and practices to guide organizations through the necessary business, information, process and technology changes.


We design organizational structures that contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

We establish procedures, consider the integration of people and provide information and improve the technology used in the organization.

Process Reengineering and Optimization

We analyse, optimise and/or redefine the key Business and IT processes to improve the activity of the organizations, proposing a methodology based on the implementation of Lean Six Sigma that will allow to obtain improvements in costs, quality, speed of the processes and satisfaction of the client.


We carry out diagnoses of organizational models and their governance models (Business and IT) based on our own maturity models, according to the best practices and standards. We define and implement IT governance offices (GMO - Governance Management Office) which mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the organizations´ IT Divisions.

Six sigma lean

Strategic Portfolio

We help Organizations with the process of analysis and decision making related to their strategic investments through the definition and implementation of EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office) as a Business entity that operates at a strategic level in collaboration with the executive levels of the Organization and providing service to the C-Suite and other Executives.

Strategic objectives alignment through prioritization

We help Organizations to develop a personalized prioritization and selection model that guarantees the optimization of their investments.

Optimal allocation of strategic resources

We identify the key resource´s needs (financial, personal, material) to respond to the portfolio of initiatives.

Efficient management of the initiative portfolio

We manage the portfolio by focusing on the value delivered, the prioritization of objectives and KPIs aggregated at the plan level.

Benefits Realization Management

We monitor the complete life cycle of the portfolio from the conceptualization and business case of the initiatives to the fulfillment of the expected benefits.

Power BI

Program & Project

We define, implement and operate program and project management offices (PMO) with a focus on the achievement of objectives and improving management efficiency of all work teams involved.

Lean-agile execution approach

We facilitate and promote pragmatic (implementing flexible and lightweight methodologies), adaptive (encouraging continuous improvement through iterations) and collaborative (involving the entire organization) project management aproaches.

Hybrid PMOs

We combine traditional project management methodologies with agile development techniques to unify in a single Office the Governance and Reporting of all programs and projects.

PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS)

We provide a service model, combining remote and on-site operation, based on the definition of a service catalogue measured through SLAs agreed with the client.

Tailored product/service

We adapt our services to the needs, maturity level and speed of the client and therefore, we design realistic and “tailor-made” management and implementation models for each client and particular situation.

We implement a pragmatic, agile, and collaborative Lean PMO model considering light and realistic processes and methodologies, a scalable implementation approach by iterations, progressively expanding the level of functionality and management maturity by involving all stakeholders in its development and objectives.

Service Management

We define and implement service management offices (Business-BSM and ITSM) from a strategic perspective in order to be capable to respond in time and manner to the Business demand and to guarantee a production and delivery of the services as efficient and optimized as possible.

We align services to business needs (demand management, portfolio management)
We manage the global service (communication with Business, customer management, measurement of service levels, reporting)
We identify the processes roadmap (and other improvement initiatives) to be implemented and ensure its adoption
We pursue efficiency and effectiveness in delivery (optimization of operations, rationalization of capacity, continuous improvement)
We capture the vision of the different external suppliers and ensure their integration into internal processes, measuring their level of compliance. Service contract management
We ensure practical and adaptive management, emphasizing the benefit to the Business and effectively transmitting the value of the services to it.

Funciones de la SMO (Service Management Office)

del cliente
Gobierno de procesos ITSM/BSM Reporting Centro de soporte a Negocio
Gestión de
proveedores y contratos
Lean it association

Change Management

We consider Change Management as a vital transversal activity for Organizations in the Digital Era. From this function, we enable Organizations to acquire the necessary skills for an effective Digital Metamorphosis, such as:

The Client as the center of all activity
Continuous learning approach
Lean-Agile Execution
Cross-disciplinary teams
  • We fully implement the adoption of new processes, methodologies, organizational changes or tools under the consideration of a project itself, applying the HCMBoK methodology for change management and our own best practices
  • We define and implement Change Management Offices (CMOs) as a transversal function in the Organization

Role Playing – A new approach

Including gamification within Change Management procedures allows the building and consolidation of team spirit, as well as combating resistance to change and facilitating communication across teams having different backgrounds.


Enterprise & IT Governance Solutions

Integral solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of portfolio, program, project and service management

Solutions Evaluation

Elaboration of an evaluation matrix based on technical and functional requirements of the client and creation of a proposal implementation roadmap.

Solutions Implementation

Complete implementation of PPM and ITSM solutions covering from the requirements collection and process definition to the final turn-key solution.

Integrations and automations

Integrations development of our applications with third party solutions and/or custom developments. Development of flows for the automation of repetitive and administrative tasks.

Self-service portals

Configuration and implementation of self-service portals aimed at optimizing the user experience, through a single point of contact (SPOC) that promotes the level of commitment and active communication.

Analytics, Dashboards and KPIs

Definition of KPIs for the control of the implanted processes. Elaboration of dashboards to follow-up on the KPIs defined in the PPM and ITSM tools.

Support and Tune-up

Post-implementation customer support service for the maintenance and evolution of the implemented processes and solutions..

Technological Alliances

Implementation, integration and training in the most valued tools in the market to take advantage of their potential from the first moment

Integrated PPM and ITSM solutions for portfolio, program, project and service management
Demand Management. Project lifecycle
Capacity, tasks and Milestones planning
Portfolio Planning and Monitoring
Reports and Dashboards
Risk and issue management
Document management and knowledge bases
Self-service portals
Agile Management
Team colaboration
Service Management
Operations Management

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