The ultimate research objective of the BorderSens project is to develop a unique, portable, wireless prototype device with the ability to detect different types of drugs, precursors and adulterants/cutting agents within 45 seconds, with high accuracy and low false positive and negative rates.


Detecting and identifying drugs, cutting agents, adulterants and precursors rapidly and simultaneously using electrochemical technology.

Achieving excellent selectivity and sensitivity and extraordinary precision.

Develop a prototype of a low-cost, wireless, portable device for on-site drug detection and validate it in field operations.


The solution is based on the results of research into the electrochemical fingerprinting of drugs and precursors, together with strategies to de-entrain and enrich these fingerprints, the development and integration of selective molecular nanoimprinting polymers (nonoMlPs) and nanomaterials, and data capture and analysis.

Participating entities

Funding Entity

  • European Commission


  • University of Antwerp (coordinator)
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy "luliu Hatiegonu" Cluj-Nopoca