Telemadrid awards Izertis and Innogate the European fund-raising

Our firm, together with the company specialized in international project management Innogate to Europe, will be in charge of raising funds for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) of the European Union, for Radio Televisión de Madrid (RTVM). The order comes to both companies after the award of the public tender, which includes specialized consulting services, comprehensive advice for attracting projects in "any of the different transversal axes" that are part of these budgets, and their subsequent follow-up.

The formalization of the contract will have a term of 5 years, a period provided by Next Generation Europe (the name with which these funds have been cataloged) to grant the recovery plan (2021-2026). During this period, the UTE formed by our company and Innogate will be in charge of leading the lines of: identification and conceptualization of projects; application, presentation and follow-up until its full processing; and execution and justification of initiatives that obtain funding from the European body, for a maximum of 7 strategic projects, regardless of the way in which they are subsequently requested.

The tender carried out by RTVM responds to the need to have highly specialized technicians for "specialized consulting and comprehensive advice that allows it to identify, process and manage this type of funds and associated projects", as it has been collected in the public tender specifications of the corporation of radio television.

Our firm, for its part, is a specialist and has extensive experience in attracting European funds. Among the projects in which it participates in a technical way and with a commission linked fundraising, BorderSens stands out. In it, our company collaborates with 15 other international partners from 8 European countries and the international customs police to increase the current precision of drug tests at border crossings, going from 70% reliability in current tests to 99%, and reducing the waiting time for these results from several hours to 40 seconds. Also, others such as 4DPrintEN, whose item has been destined to the development of manufacturing portable 3D devices that are capable of generating energy for the biomechanical load of medical devices, among others.

In the same way, Innogate to Europe is known for being the Intermediate Body of the European Union Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs, the implementation of community projects to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain, and the provision of comprehensive assistance services in the management of actions financed with European funds, especially by the well-known Horizon 2020 (now Horizon Europe), as well as COSME, Erasmus + and other programs and calls from the General Directorates of the European Commission.

Project execution

The fine-tuning of the consultancy and the financing requests will be focused on the PMI methodology as a base and on other complementary ones such as Design Thinking, accompanied in turn by various areas of knowledge that will lead the bidding team during the cycle life of the project.

“The companies that formed the UTE understand that the purpose of project management in an organization is not only to release the deliverables on time within a budget, meeting technical and quality requirements, but is also to generate agility and value for the business”, has explained our Director of Business Development, Pedro Gómez. Along these lines, he has highlighted that "this commission comes after a long time managing European projects and we are very proud that it is an organization influenced by Telemadrid who trusts us to obtain these funds".

The Executive Director of Innogate, Paloma Lozano, wanted to emphasize that “with this tender, Madrid's radio television will make a quantitative and qualitative leap to advance strongly in the new digital ecosystem in which the media has been advancing, under the framework of digital transformation”.

This digital transformation is, together with the ecological transition, one of the great principles promoted by the Recovery Plan for Europe. Thus, technology is present across the board in most programs that will channel reconstruction funds and the European budget. The Reconstruction Mechanism stands out (it has the largest item, 560,000 of the total of 750,000 million euros of Next Generation), the Horizon Europe program, or the Strategic Investment Instrument. This means that all those projects that are digital would have more possibilities to obtain the funds than those that are not.