Contrato con RSI

RSI awards the technology company Izertis its services for the exploitation and architecture of systems

The banking solutions company Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI) has awarded our firm the management of its operating services, responsible for the operation of its DPC and its applications, and the quality control of its production, as well as its technical architectural services, which include functions related to the management of the development life cycle and the administration of infrastructures. The agreement has been named 'Project Zaniah'.

The banking services institution, which handles an average of 5,000 million transactions per year among its 8 million end-user customers, thus assigns these services to our company, which is highly specialised in this field, in order to "achieve the necessary guarantees for a project of this size", with a view to the medium and long term. Along these lines, the assignment includes a series of improvement milestones designed to optimise processes in the long term.

Our consultancy firm has thus taken on one of the most ambitious contracts in its portfolio

For its part, our consultancy firm has thus taken on one of the most ambitious contracts in its portfolio, leading a long-term assignment in which it will accompany RSI in the management of the technological services it provides to its clients, important entities in the Spanish financial sector.

In recent years, our technology company has become one of the benchmark digital transformation companies for large clients in Spain. We are currently in charge of designing and developing projects of these characteristics for the majority of IBEX 35 companies, as well as similar projects for the public administration, such as those we are developing for the European Defence Agency or the World Bank, among others.

"We consider this collaboration to be fundamental for the company's work in the coming years and will allow us to maintain our position as a leading reference among companies in the sector," said José Luis Macías, RSI's Production Director.

"It is a real pleasure to be able to be part of RSI's ambitious contract, providing a project of guarantees in something as transcendental for the daily development of companies as taking on their operating and architectural services", has emphasised Sebastián Ghilardi, our director of the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Business Unit.