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Izertis, a benchmark technology consultancy in cybersecurity

Our company continues to strengthen its portfolio of cybersecurity services through partnership agreements with Hornetsecurity, a provider of comprehensive services in the areas of security for email, web and files, and CybeReady, provider of training and awareness through simulations of phishing attacks.

Along with these agreements is the recent partnership with SecurityScorecard, a provider of cybersecurity risk rating. In this way, our consulting firm reinforces its catalogue of services and strengthens its position through leading companies in the cybersecurity sector.

Hornetsecurity solutions focus on protecting the IT infrastructure by providing the end customer with secure communication in their email service through a multi-layered filtering system capable of blocking the majority of spam.

Cybersecurity has become the biggest challenge in the digital society, with email being the main means of information exchange and communication in organizations. In this context, for Izertis having a partner like Hornetsecurity allows us to expand our portfolio of services, it also provides us with the opportunity to overcome new challenges”, has said our Lead of Cybersecurity, Manuel Estevez.

On the other hand, CibeReady is a provider with an autonomous training platform and awareness and simulation of phishing attacks. In addition, it offers a managed service that trains company employees using a learning methodology adapted to their needs and considering their role, location and performance during the training program.

Being able to provide companies with a shield as powerful as their own employees

After training cybersecurity teams for years, the founders of CybeReady decided to join forces and offer companies around the world learning programs to transform employee responsiveness to potential threats. "Being able to provide companies with a shield as powerful as their own employees can be something strategic and will be unavoidable in the coming years" has pointed out Estevez.

Through these alliances, our firm not only manages to expand and add value to its product portfolio in the cybersecurity area, but also to add strategic services to its catalogue by marketing the IT security solution and the cybersecurity training and awareness platform. Likewise, our consulting firm manages to be at the forefront in this sector and consolidate its position in the market.