partnership qlik izertis

Izertis recognized as Qlik Partner Select, a global leader in data management analytics solutions

Our company has been recognized as a Partner Select by Qlik, a leading global company in data management, analysis and a leading tool in quadrant of Gartner on Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the tenth consecutive year, which represents a new step in a relationship of several years in which both companies have worked together to implement solutions for their clients.

This certification is part of the growth strategy in an area that, according to the Markets and Markets studies, it expects an annual growth of 7.6% until 2025 to reach 33.000 million of dollars. Currently, our company has Business Intelligence projects deployed in banking and insurance projects, industry, retail, public administration, energy, health, pharma, among others.

Our bet goes through to be a benchmark in the Data Intelligence market, it has resulted in the creation of the Data Center of Excellence that guarantees the governance of the managed data by the client, which allows to align people, processes, technology and culture, to evolve from a departmental approach to a company-wide approach in relation to data, information and knowledge. The ultimate goal is to correctly organize knowledge for strategic decision-making and become Data Driven Companies.

Just like our Lead of Business Intelligence,David Puig, assures “Qlik is a fundamental piece in our solutions. It helps us to provide people and organizations with an intuitive, reliable and governed analytical environment which it will provides them with knowledge and facilitates decision-making, focusing their time on valuable tasks”.