Proyecto Multihub

Izertis participates in the Multihub project for the promotion of electrification of urban transport

Our technology consultancy, together with a consortium of companies belonging to different sectors and fields of action, is tackling the Multihub project, whose objective is to promote the electrification of transport through research into a new concept of multimodal station that encompasses different solutions for integrating the charging of different electric vehicles.

Among the tasks performed by our firm in this project, which began in June 2021 and is scheduled for completion in December 2023, are the definition and deployment of IoT networks for advanced sensorisation of the microgrid, prediction of energy generation and demand, as well as the development of a blockchain structure for the governance of a mobility network.

This project aims to promote sustainable transport and the use of zero-emission vehicles, both public and private, optimise the energy operation of the charging point and promote the creation of new business models for electric charging stations and services linked to electromobility.

It also aims to facilitate the adoption of vehicle electrification by society by offering secure solutions adapted to users' needs

It also aims to facilitate the adoption of vehicle electrification by society by offering secure solutions adapted to users' needs, to detect in advance the number of cyber-attacks with an impact on the service and to increase energy efficiency.

The development of a robust charging infrastructure network is seen as a key requirement for a large-scale transition to electromobility. This infrastructure will not only provide more charging options for drivers, but will also foster awareness and confidence in the range of future electric vehicles owners.

"The implementation of this project will allow Izertis to expand its portfolio of solutions for the electricity sector by incorporating key enabling technologies, such as sensorisation of charging points through IoT, generation prediction and distribution optimisation, energy storage and consumption through artificial intelligence and payment methods over the charging network, and blockchain-based contract management (VaaS)," has said Raquel García, Innovation consultant and project coordinator.

In this context, there are several technological challenges to be faced in order to achieve a standardised, efficient, sustainable, safe and secure charging infrastructure available for all types of vehicles.

Current charging stations are dedicated exclusively to a single type of vehicle and not to multi-vehicle charging points (cars, buses, light vehicles, etc.). In addition, there is no energy management optimisation strategy, as energy generation and demand are neither predicted nor monitored, among other challenges.

The Multimodal Recharging Hub project to promote the electrification of urban transport, Multihub, has received support from the expenditure budget of the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and the Basque Country ERDF 2021-2027 Programme.