Izertis signs a protocol with NOVA IMS, one of the world's leading schools in Data Science, Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our consultancy firm has signed a collaboration protocol with NOVA IMS (NOVA Information Management School), School of Information Management of the Nova Lisboa University, which aims to assign paid internships to 1st year students of the Master in Data Science and Advanced Analytics and an award for the best student of the Curricular Unit of Business Cases with data science.

This protocol provides our firm with direct contact with new talent in NOVA IMS Data Science and Advanced Analytics, aimed at solving complex real-world problems involving large amounts of data.

NOVA IMS has more than 30 years of experience and accumulated success in converting data into value, with nationally and internationally recognized skills in Data Science and Analytics.

According to Roberto Henriques, Deputy Director of Education at NOVA IMS and Director of the Master in Data Science & Advanced Analytics, the international recognition of NOVA IMS as a leading school in the area of ​​Information Management is visible in the international Accreditations and Certifications it holds, as well as the excellent results obtained in the Eduniversal Ranking.

NOVA IMS currently has 6 masters in the top three of their respective categories at a European level, three of which are also among the top three at a world level. Of these masters, the master's degree in Information Management with a specialization in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence, was considered for the last four consecutive years (from 2018 to 2021) as the best worldwide.

NOVA IMS was also the first institution on the Iberian Peninsula to join iSchools, an international organization that brings together leading universities in information science research and teaching.

The agreed protocol aims to assign paid internships in our company, with a duration of 6 months, to students who complete the 1st year of the Master in Data Science and Advanced Analytics of NOVA IMS.

Through this protocol, our firm offers students a privileged contact with the professional reality in a business framework, completing and improving the skills acquired in the academic environment.

Our consultancy firm will also award a prize of €1,000 to the best student of the Business Cases with Data Science Curriculum Unit

Likewise, our consultancy firm will also award a prize of €1,000 to the best student of the Business Cases with Data Science Curriculum Unit, which will be awarded at an event to be held jointly with the University.

Ivon Ramalho, current CEO of our company in Portugal, has highlighted that the strengthening of the association and collaboration with NOVA IMS "accompanies the strong investment that the company has made in Portugal, in the creation and development of a centre of skills and talent for around the world, in the various fields of digital transformation and for which NOVA IMS is a distinct partner of global excellence".


NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is the Information Management School of the Nova University of Lisbon. This institute was established in 1989 in response to the shortage of senior information management experts and the growing need to use new information technologies. Today, NOVA IMS offers high-level education to more than 3,000 students, including bachelor's, postgraduate and master's degrees.

About Eduniversal

Eduniversal is an international agency that annually publishes the ranking of the best Masters, Postgraduates and MBAs in the world. This ranking includes around 50 areas of study, analysing more than 5,500 master's, postgraduate and MBA degrees in 154 countries. Eduniversal's international evaluation system is based on a scoring system that crosses multiple variables, such as the opinion of recruiters, the level of excellence of the school, the salary at the first job, the level of student satisfaction - measured through a survey - the number of different nationalities registered in the courses, among others.

NOVA IMS Postgraduate and Master's studies have been part of the Eduniversal ranking since 2014.