Izertis commits to the Igape for the control of its Technology and Change Management Observatory in the Xunta de Galicia

New project that comes to our technical team, in which we will be in charge of the Technological and Change Management Observatory of the Igape (Galician Institute of Economic Promotion), in charge of facilitating the processes of creation, consolidation and business growth that contribute to improve the productive system of the region.

This agency is currently undergoing a digital transformation process, with the aim of streamlining and improving business IT solutions in Galicia, as well as processing investment incentives in the Autonomous Community.

To this end, a series of independent projects are being carried out, coordinated with each other, in order to maintain the operation of the current systems and guarantee the continuity and modernisation of the service. It also aims to implement and develop a new environment to support all the operations it generates, aligned with the Xunta de Galicia's corporate platform and integrated with its transversal services.

This is where the role of Izertis comes in. Our consultancy firm has been awarded the public tender for the control, coordination and monitoring of the total amount of tasks that are currently being executed for this purpose. Through it, we offer methodological, procedural and planning support for the initiatives and projects of a technological nature to be executed, as well as their evaluation and monitoring, ensuring compliance with service levels.

This is a project that we are particularly excited about, both because of the importance of the client and the background behind it

In addition, we carry out a technological diagnosis of the current situation, identifying innovative trends and success stories developed in other organisations, which may be applicable to IGAPE, and we accompany in the management of change in order to achieve the commitment and training of internal users.

"This is a project that we are particularly excited about, both because of the importance of the client and the background behind it. Being able to contribute to the generation of wealth through enablers related to technology and digital transformation is our company's late motivation, which in this case also allows us to act as a link between the public administration and one of the most prolific production networks in Spain, as is the case of Galicia," said Esther Arango, one of the project coordinators.