Proyecto Smartdelta

Izertis will implement Artificial Intelligence to automate the quality control of industrial software systems

Software-intensive industrial systems are typically not designed and built from scratch for each new customer and order, but rather as an extension to an existing product or as a modified version tailored to the needs of the particular new customer, market or region.

However, very often, as a system is built and extended with new features, certain aspects of system quality begin to deteriorate. For this reason, it is essential to be able to accurately analyse and determine the quality parameters of each change and increase in systems, especially seen from a continuous engineering point of view.

From this starting point the SmartDelta project of our firm was born. Its focus is on developing automated solutions for product delta quality assessment in a continuous engineering environment, providing intelligent analysis of development devices (source code, log files, or requirements specifications, among others) and the execution of the system. In this way, it is possible to obtain information on the improvements or the quality degradation of the different versions of the product, through which the next constructions can be optimized.

Focusing on the verification and validation of quality characteristics in complex software development projects

To that end, we have based the development of these new solutions on artificial intelligence, focusing on the verification and validation of quality characteristics in complex software development projects. Thus, we managed to automate the analysis of component reuse, through natural language processing techniques and the automated analysis of construction recommendations through machine learning.

SmartDelta is among the projects financed with funds from the CDTI, a public business entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, aimed at R&D&i in Spain.

Likewise, this international project is framed within the ITEA3 European call for software innovation, created to turn innovative ideas into new business models that contribute to economic development and the generation of jobs and benefits for society. In this international field, our consultancy will also work closely with leading companies, both European and from other countries such as Canada, in different cases of use in strategic sectors such as banking, energy, telecommunications, railway or sustainable mobility, continuing with the line of growth of the company in the generation of new alliances and business opportunities abroad.

“Our company has been making a special effort in recent years in technological developments with Intelligent Software engineering functionalities. For this reason, SmartDelta is considered one of the strategic projects for the firm. In addition, the European consortium with which we are embarking on this initiative is providing us with greater international projection and the opportunity to establish new alliances with top-level scientific-technological partners”, has commented David Martínez, one of the project coordinators.