Izertis expands its portfolio of services with a new partnership agreement with SecurityScorecard

Our company adds a new partnership agreement with SecurityScorecard, a cybersecurity risk rating provider, with which it expands and adds value to its portfolio of services by marketing the SecurityScorecard supplier rating and supply chain rating solution.

Through this agreement, our firm increases its catalogue of consulting and auditing services in the areas of governance, risk and compliance with the risk rating services of suppliers and third parties.

“Thanks to SecurityScorecard, we are able to obtain a security rating at a higher level, thus providing visibility of the level of risk associated with a third party in various security domains. This helps us to focus our attention on the suppliers with the highest risk and, from there, to develop management plans for the identified risks and business continuity to safeguard the key processes for the organization and the information assets, owned or by third parties, who enable its execution. All this, moreover, sustained over time, which also makes it possible to assess the efficiency of the security management of our supply chain”, has highlighted our Lead of Cybersecurity, Manuel Estevez.

We managed to reinforce our catalogue of services and thus maintaining leadership in this field

Likewise, we also managed to position ourselves through a leading company in the cybersecurity sector, reinforcing our catalogue of services and thus maintaining leadership in this field of action.

For its part, SecurityScorecard has been recognized as a leading company in cybersecurity risk ratings in the area of ​​Cybersecurity Risk Rating Platforms Q1 2021 according to the Forrester New Wave report. With its patented scoring technology, SecurityScorecard, it is used by organizations to discover and solve complex cybersecurity, compliance and risk management challenges.

This risk rating is automatically assigned through the analysis of multiple controls grouped in different security and compliance domains, providing a true 360-degree view of the real risk.