EthiFinance endorses Izertis with a BB rating with a Positive trend

The rating agency EthiFinance Ratings has awarded the digital transformation company Izertis a BB credit rating with a positive trend. The report made public by the agency has highlighted that the company "maintains an intensive growth policy", with a "stabilised financial structure", and also with the forecast of "improvement in the business and financial level of various operations".

The agency recently founded from the merger between Qivalio and the former Axesor Rating highlights in its report that Izertis maintains a "policy of intensive growth, based on organic business that is increased, in addition, with various M&A operations, executed over the last years".

It comes at one of the best moments in the company's history, both financially and in terms of business

Among the fundamentals of valuation, it frames the multinational technology company as a "specialist, which is positioned as a tactical supplier within the value chain of its customers", which makes it a benchmark player with a steady rise among its competitors.

Lourdes Argüelles, CFO of Izertis, has commented that the valuation report "comes at one of the best moments in the company's history, both financially and in terms of business. It is very important for us to be able to maintain the rating obtained last year, given the current uncertainty in the markets".

EthiFinance also highlights the generation of business that is "increasingly favourably supported by a diversified and quality customer portfolio", as it includes a "broad offering that makes the company not dependent on any one line of business".

Solvency and liquidity

On the strictly financial side, it states that the growth in turnover "is accompanied by adequate operating profitability", with controlled levels of leverage and solvency that allow it to operate with "appropriate levels of financial autonomy".

In addition to its liquidity (available cash, undrawn credit lines and cash generation), which is "sufficient to cover debt and investment needs in the short term", and a financial situation that provides the Asturian technology company with "an adequate profile for potential refinancing".