Axesor Rating

Axesor Rating strengthens Izertis's credit rating on BB, changing the trend from Stable to Positive

Axesor Rating has endorsed the financial strength and favourable future prospects of our firm, listed on BME Growth, with a credit rating of BB, improving the trend from Stable to Positive, an excellent rating that will facilitate the financing strategy for future growth of our company.

The credit rating agency highlights “the favourable dynamics registered by our company during the last two years, together with the qualitative improvement of our financial profile with the entry of recognized financing entities, suggest that our consulting firm will maintain a positive evolution in the short and medium term".

This announcement coincides with the incorporation in the Alternative Fixed-Income Market, MARF, of a new program of promissory notes for a total maximum nominal outstanding balance of 30 million euros and valid until December 28, 2022, which comes to renew the promissory note program that our company had in force since December 2020.

Currently, our firm is in the middle of its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, which aims to reach 125 million euros in turnover and a normalized Ebitda of 12.5 million. This growth is supported by a CAGR, Constant Annual Growth Rate, of both magnitudes higher than 25% in the last 10 years. In the first half of 2021, it stood at 24.0% and 61.6%, respectively, compared to the same period of the previous year.

"We are meeting the objectives set out in our Strategic Plan despite the current health and economic crisis, which is reflected in the confidence of investors, who positively value both our trajectory and our strategy in the medium and long term", as a stated by our president and CEO, Pablo Martín.

Revaluation potential

Just a month ago, the independent financial group GVC Gaesco presented our firm's first coverage initiation report, with a Buy recommendation and indicating a target price of 9.70 euros per share. This represents a potential revaluation of 23% compared to the market closing price this Tuesday.

Our consulting firm has achieved a relevant position in the Spanish market in recent years, accessing increasingly large accounts

In this report it is mentioned that our consulting firm has achieved a “relevant position in the Spanish market in recent years, accessing increasingly large accounts. The company has written a history of sustained development, which in recent years is accelerating to consolidate the market. It operates in a sector of great growth, supported by macro trends such as digitization and the technological transformation of companies”.