Pablo & Edy

Edy Tavares, appointed ambassador of the 'Aula Digital Izertis' project in Cape Verde

Huge visit, literally and metaphorically, that we have had today in our offices. The Real Madrid Basketball player, chosen MVP of this year's ACB final, Walter 'Edy' Tavares, participated as an 'ambassador' in the presentation of the project that has kicked off the opening of the digital classroom that we will inaugurate together in a few weeks in Maio, his hometown in Cape Verde.

The main objective of this social responsibility initiative is to encourage the training and interest of young people in the area in new technologies, while developing learning about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

With this new inauguration we will achieve the digital transformation and reconditioning of three schools since 2019, and with which more than 1600 children will have passed through its classrooms since the beginning of this journey.

The project has also been approved and homologated by the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde and is being developed in public schools

The 'Gigante de Maio' travels every year to his home country, where he is committed to several charitable causes focused on education, social development and sport. Thanks to his commitment to Primary School, João Antonio Cruz Silva, where he himself studied in his childhood, more than 400 children will be able to develop their ICT skills every year. In addition, this year he will once again be present at the Campus named after him and of which he is the organiser.

To this end, classrooms have been adapted, the space has been refurbished, painted, furniture, security and electrical sockets have been installed, and state-of-the-art computers, a projector and air conditioning have been donated. It has also helped to provide the Secretariat with all the necessary means to digitalise its processes. All of this has been acquired through local suppliers to contribute to the development and growth of the local economy. The project has also been approved and homologated by the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde and is being developed in public schools.

During the presentation of the event, Tavares has said that "I want to be able to give back to this country what it has done for me since I was a child. It was unthinkable to see that today I have become an idol and an example to follow. It is very important for me to be able to help all the children here and to let them know to never stop dreaming and to work to achieve their dreams. They have to believe that everything is possible, although in a country like this it is difficult to make them understand this. That is my mission”.

The president of Izertis, Pablo Martín, has commented that "we understand that we are at a crucial moment for the lives of these children, and that with the sum of small efforts on the part of everyone we can change the lives of many people. Our idea is for this project to be prolonged over time, since in order to change structural problems we need our commitment to be long-term".