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José Ignacio Pintado Custom Software Solutions & Hyper automation Lead

Izertis and Thyssenkrupp develop the first contactless lift summoning tool

The global impact of Covid-19 has highlighted the extreme importance of following health regulation: the use of masks, social distancing, reducing physical contact, etc. As the mobility restrictions gradually lift in Spain, and people are slowly returning to their daily routines in offices, how can we guarantee our health safety?

Izertis and Thyssenkrupp Elevator, have come up with a pioneering digital solution that enables users to control lifts with just a QR code scanned on their smartphones. This solution is already available for clients across Europe, enabling them to benefit from considerably enhanced safety when it comes to riding in a lift.

Avoid transmission risk in the lift 

It is important for each of us to be aware of safety in our everyday routines. Reducing our exposure to this new virus is vital for our health and in order to avoid becoming a new source of infection. Lift rides have become a double issue in these new times. As well as avoiding using them with various people, health organisations around the world recommend the use of auxiliary means to avoid pressing the lift panel buttons, to prevent contact with possible sources of bacteria and viruses.

With the aim of addressing this issue as universally as possible, Thyssenkrupp Elevator and our company have developed and launched an innovative and ground-breaking solution into the market, for the contactless control of Thyssenkrupp lifts.

Virtual control panel to work the lift 

With this solution, users can operate the lift using a virtual control panel on their smartphones, without having to touch any buttons in the process.

The process is as follows:

  1. The passenger scans the QR displayed on each floor of the lift, using a mobile phone camera.

  2. The passenger accesses the virtual lift’s virtual panel using the web browser on his/her device.

  3. Inside the lift car there is another QR code, where the passenger must repeat the operation, choosing the desired floor.

It is important to highlight that the solution aims to be universal, which is why it does not require the installation or use of any additional application.