Comunidad de Madrid mantenimiento aplicaciones Izertis

Izertis is allocated the tender to manage applications in Madrid Autonomous Region

Madrid Autonomous Region has assigned the company with the bidding contract for the management and technical assistance of its technological settings, maintenance and creation of new applications, via Madrid Digital. Specifically, the open tender has been divided into two batches, of which the Spanish technology company has been allocated the first, which covers specialities in Local Administration, Agriculture, Infrastructures, the Environment, Territorial Planning, Transport, Housing and Internal Management Applications of Madrid Digital.

To carry this out, the use of technologies such as Java, Oracle Forms, Delphi Client/Server, or Forms Unix, has been envisaged, among others. Madrid Digital is considered the “driving force behind the digital transformation of the Community of Madrid”. This encompasses the electronic headquarters, electronic administration, autonomous bodies, micro-computing, department registers, and the relationship between them.

For years now, the Agency for the digital administration of the Community of Madrid has been responsible for managing the computing and communication needs of the different provinces within the Community, including the outstanding development and acquisition of computing systems and support for the different management centres.

Its duties include developing and acquiring computing applications and systems, as well as post maintenance and support. Madrid Digital aims to provide the different Departments and bodies with robust and innovative technological solutions, to increase efficiency in service provision using methodologies and tools.