Implementation of Enterprise Service Management Izertis
Juan Manuel Espinoza Lead of Enterprise & IT Governance Consulting

Izertis successfully presents a practical approach to Enterprise Service Management implementation on Atlassian

Izertis has participated in the webinar/demo "Implementing Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with Atlassian". A session where, with a clear and consultative approach, the different functionalities that Atlassian offers when it comes to managing services that go beyond the technological field were appreciated.

It was not just a demonstration of capabilities around a tool, but how, when a tool is approached as a business solution, things often take on a different perspective. Bigger, more suitable. More logic.

During the session, the #ESM (Enterprise Service Management) approach was addressed by Juan Manuel Espinoza, Lead of Enterprise & IT Governance Consulting at Izertis, and Rosarmy Diaz, Atlassian Senior Consultant, who, from practical experience and common sense, explained the most appropriate way to implement this approach in organisations.

The framework proposed by #TheESMGuide is an approach in which the definition and improvement of processes are of particular relevance when generating services that meet the needs of the different parts of a company. Without processes, there is no possibility to organise, let alone to measure and improve over time. It takes more than just intention. Activities, timing, scaling, approvals, resources, and many other variables must be defined when determining "this service yes, or this service no".

Each particularity is manageable through the use of Atlassian

In this sense, to see how these processes (once defined) can be drawn through Atlassian, and how to bring them to life through easily configurable flows and interfaces for each of the objectives set for each process. These processes can not only be designed and captured visually, but can be linked to each service before being published in, as #LaGuiaESM calls it, a shared service centre, or business service centre. A single point from which all users (depending on their category and level of access) can avail themselves of a multitude of options (services) that are not only related to traditional IT services, but can also include services such as human resources, marketing, purchasing, security, etc.

Beyond the origin of the services, they can all be managed in a uniform way through more operational processes (incidents, requests, for example), which can also be customised and configured according to each circumstance. The handling of a request to the procurement area will not necessarily resemble a request to the IT area, and thus there will be different types of processes in that regard. Each particularity is manageable through the use of Atlassian.

On the other hand, it was analysed how business decisions, which focus on meeting business objectives, can actually be based on reliable and concrete information through the use of dashboards where statistical results with different levels of nesting can be viewed. The information generated through the collection of data obtained through activities and measurement points previously defined in each process. Juan Manuel Espinosa commented "Let us remember that without measurement there is no improvement, and without improvement there is no sustainability at the corporate level".

It is not just a question of using a tool, but of providing a solution to each problem.

In the implementation of Enterprise Service Management, beyond the traditional processes and practices defined by the market, establishing a transversal logic in organisations, supported by a collaborative, functional and powerful solution, can translate not only into a powerful combination, but also into a real transformation at the enterprise level. Today, as we live in the digital age, and where many organisations still confuse "IT transformation" with "Digital transformation", it is good to know that there is an alternative that can actually lead to a tangible level of adaptation and flexibility.

As we heard during the session: "It's not just about wanting or being able to use a tool, it's about providing a solution to each organisation's problems. This solution is called "Enterprise Service Management", and is implemented with #LaGuiaESM considerations and is fully supported by Atlassian.

It is possible to "go beyond IT services" and at Izertis we can help you on this path, as we have already been doing with many of our clients.