Work home Teletrabajo Sant Cugat Izertis Citrix

The Sant Cugat Town Council enables 600 people to work from home thanks to Izertis and Citrix

The Sant Cugat del Vallès Town Council, with which we have been collaborating to improve the desktop virtualisation platform since before the State of Alarm, has managed to successfully implement the coverage and protection of more than 600 public employee access points , with the expansion of the remote services that had been used prior to the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. With it, the system would be prepared to deal with lockdown in the hypothetical event of a second wave of coronavirus.

The Municipal Council's IT department, led by Santiago Coca, in line with its technology strategy and using Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, has been able to achieve specific performance targets in each area and from any device, keeping data safe at all times in its Data Centre.

Despite over the past few months much on-site employment returned to normal, over recent weeks the voluntary option of home working has been put back on the table for those people that require it for health, family or personal reasons.

“Thanks to the vision and collaboration in ongoing improvement of the platform, we had the advantage that we had already designed a scalable setting. We put our efforts into minimising any effect on the user’s end experience; i.e., users were still able to access their applications and data remotely very similarly to how they had been doing previously in the Town Council; though taking extra security measures”, explained David Carreras, project coordinator for Izertis.

The unique nature of this initiative is that it is a public body document, which is why particular attention has been given to issues of cybersafety, authentication and specific usage policies for people remotely, which is habitual is the consultancy protocol carried out by Izertis.

“The situation caused by the coronavirus has brought out the best in us, and with the help of technology we have been able to maintain the services we work with at the town council, in some cases even streamlining process and requirement procedures”, explains Santiago Coca from the Sant Cugat Council.

The State of Alarm triggered by the coronavirus has speeded up the implementation of the remote work modalities we were familiar with until just months ago. This has spurred on the home working act, revealed recently, and by which employers, governments and unions have been negotiating over recent weeks.