Education Council Castilla y León Izertis

Izertis, support of the Education Council of Castilla y León

Our company has collaborated with the Education Council of the Regional Government of Castilla y León on several procurement files in the field of consulting and advanced web application development support using JEE and Angular technology. 

Tackling these tasks, we have made available to the institution a team with extensive experience in web application frontends based on the Angular and Angular Material framework, as well as in backends based on RESTful APIs in Java language under JEE standards. 

We have also carried out functions such as resolving tasks and associated incidents, providing technical and functional customer support, providing specific functional analysis, incorporating information about the work carried out through established means, and correctly versioning and controlling changes to developments. 

We offer a consolidated technology by our teams and continuity over time

In addition, we have provided support for the computer system that manages the opposition processes for teaching positions in the Education Council, supported the development architecture and improved new libraries, and developed new RAPI/cataloguing of training activities for teaching staff of the Regional Government of Castilla y León. 

"It is a project that represents a challenge for us, which we face with determination by addressing cross-cutting tasks for which we offer a consolidated technology by our teams and continuity over time", has highlighted Lorena Sierra, our Lead of Application Management. 

With these projects, our company expands its experience in the field of public administration, where in the last year we have carried out projects alongside institutions such as the Bank of Spain, the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation, the Regional Government of Galicia, the Balearic Parliament, or the World Bank, positioning ourselves as one of the leading suppliers for the public sector.