Izertis promotes actions that favour the integration of labour and equal opportunities in the workplace

Izertis reaffirms its strong commitment to the social-labour insertion of professionals in the work environment. To ensure equal opportunities at work, the company has implemented actions that ensure that people are not discriminated against by gender, cultural origin, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion at the time of accessing a job.

Equality measures, framed within the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan of Izertis, are a clear commitment to continue working in favour of labour integration of the most disadvantaged social sectors. Social awareness policies form a fundamental part of our values.

In order to fulfil the commitment that Izertis has proposed in terms of job placement, we are concerned with two fundamental issues: one, to ensure that the processes of human resources management, that is, selection, professional classification, promotion and training, remuneration, respect the principle of equal treatment and opportunities and two, prevent sexual harassment, due to gender, origin, disability, orientation, age, when selecting personnel, accessing a job, determining salaries or accessing continuous training, professional development, among other issues.