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Izertis organizes a BootCamp with direct incorporation for recent graduates

Our consultancy firm has organised a training BootCamp for recent graduates, in which the different profiles will be able to join our multinational company after completing their training, through different contract modalities. For access, it is only necessary to be in possession of a degree related to the world of technology, engineering, mathematics, physics or higher education in the ICT sector.

The learning plan will be divided into three main blocks where students will be able to choose between the specialisations of Business Intelligence, Application Development and Salesforce. The projection and integration of the first of these occupations is designed from an international point of view, as the programme will be open with a focus on both Spain and Portugal. For their part, students joining the Application Development programme will complement their learning with tests on projects with real clients in this speciality from the very first weeks.

With regard to Salesforce, our firm offers a complete plan that covers the key certifications of this ecosystem, such as Admin, Developer or Solution Implementation. In this last speciality, in which our Asturian consultancy firm has multiplied the size of its department several times over in recent years, Salesforce expects more than 73,000 jobs to be created in Spain alone by 2026.

In total, it is expected that, after the organisation and training during this BootCamp, around 50 students will become new technical specialists, which will be added to another 50 vacancies that are currently open on our company's job portal.

"This initiative is aimed at a young audience related to the technological environment. We are focusing on profiles that have already completed an education. All of this is designed for a wide range of qualifications ranging from university degrees such as Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or Physics; also, vocational training, with training for multiplatform application development, etc.; or the coding, development and bootcamps schools themselves, which will come with a base in back or front", has explained Sonia Ruiz, our Head of Talent.

The vast majority of participants in the bootcamp will finish the training period as employees

Likewise, "the attractiveness of this project", which has already opened its registration period and will begin in June of this year, is that "the vast majority of participants in the bootcamp will finish the training period as employees", says Ruiz. This will be done through a selection process that is different to what the market is currently carrying out for these profiles. In its different phases, gamified selection procedures will be combined with group dynamics that allow the soft skills to be evaluated in a very "dynamic and fun way, so that they don't have the feeling of constant evaluation, and while we can make our diagnosis," Sonia Ruiz says.

The high annual growth rates of our technology firm, coupled with the high competitiveness of the market has led to accelerate the steps for the incorporation of new technicians to join our projects. Our firm is among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe in the last year. It is currently made up of a team of 1200 people, and projects in 56 countries.