TeamEQ Izertis

Izertis is committed to the People Analytics sector and becomes a shareholder in TeamEQ, a SaaS team intelligence platform

Digital transformation multinational Izertis has announced that it has become a leading investor in TeamEQ, recognized as the first team analytics platform that offers a systemic view of the organization, improving its reach and collective intelligence. The partnership between both parties includes, in addition to the investment agreement, the creation of innovative data models applied to the People area and the joint development of the national and international market. 

TeamEQ, which started its activity between Silicon Valley, Barcelona and Milan, and is now based in Asturias, is a SaaS People Analytics solution focused on work teams. Its business lines, based on its own scientific methodology and over 20 years of experience, help companies through continuous "data-driven" listening of their teams and real-time qualitative feedback. The model provides intuitive dashboards that ensure engagement and agility, providing concrete improvement actions and allowing measurement of their effectiveness, quantitatively and in real-time, something that is truly uncommon in the market. This makes it possible to boost overall performance, retain talent, and enhance leadership and communication within each sector of the companies.

TeamEQ is a SaaS People Analytics solution focused on work teams

In addition to the Spanish market, the company is currently in an international expansion period. It has large corporations among its customers, who have been using the platform from 15 different countries and an exclusive partner program that uses it to measure "the human side" of the business, tracking their change management, coaching, and transformation actions of any kind. 

Thus, Izertis becomes a preferred partner of an application that is in high demand in the market, opening up a wide range of business opportunities and synergies oriented towards new ways of working. 

In the words of Francesca Gabetti, CEO of TeamEQ, "Izertis' entry as a partner and ally represents a significant leap for our company in a double-digit growth market. Every successful company today wants to achieve excellence by integrating technology and team development; reliable solutions and experienced partners are sought to accompany the digital, business, and human transformation. With Izertis, we can fill this market gap, multiplying the business and positive impact on people". 

For Pablo Martin, President and CEO of Izertis, "this agreement is a very strong bet by Izertis. We will bring our experience and technology, with the aim of working together, to offer clients and global corporations new team intelligence and analytics solutions, and establish ourselves as a reference provider in the People area and the future of work". 

"Our digital solution is a Plug&Play, it's like a 'thermometer' of the 'health state' of the teams, to really know how our people are and prevent talent from leaving. There are tools in the market that help improve tasks, others that measure individual state, but today 90% of our organizations are team networks. Knowing their internal and collaboration dynamics, being able to detect patterns and predict friction is essential" according to Gabetti.