Incorporations Globe Testing y Data Adviser

Izertis closes the first semester of the year with the integration of two new companies

Our company continues with its growth strategy by incorporating Globe Testing and Data Adviser, just before the close of the first semester, with which it expands its catalogue of services in the specialties of testing, consulting, cloud developments, facilities management and infrastructure, and server and application virtualization.

Globe Testing, founded in 2011, specialized in software testing, both functional, performance and security. It has offices in the Basque Country, Galicia, the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and Berlin, and its clients include companies in the telecommunications, banking, insurance, airlines and construction sectors, both in Spain and in Switzerland and Germany.

With this acquisition, our firm incorporates into its structure a company with a strong progression in recent years and with a prominent position in a market in which an annual growth of more than 12% is estimated until 2025, with which it is expected to achieve a worldwide volume of 29 billion euros, according to a recent report by Report Linker.

For its part, Data Adviser, which has been in the market for more than 17 years, focuses its activity on software development through DevOps processes for large corporations. They also have extensive experience in implementing virtualization and data governance solutions. Its clients include well-known banking, insurance, logistics or construction firms.

"Globe Testing and Data Adviser, as benchmark companies in their sector, offer a highly differential value proposition that complements our offer and opens up new national and international markets," has said Pablo Martín, president and CEO of our firm, after confirming the integrations.

Two acquisitions of high differential value

For Jose Aracil, Álvaro del Ser and Eneritz Zubizarreta, founders of Globe Testing, “this integration represents another step in our search for excellence in the world of software testing. Thanks to the alliance with Izertis, we will be able to enhance our capabilities in our current projects and provide new services to meet the needs of current and future clients in the field of software quality. "

For their part, Inmaculada García and Belen de Vicente, partners and directors of Data Adviser, explained that “we are convinced that our incorporation to Izertis, in addition to adding value, will make us grow in Digital and Innovation solutions within an international framework, all of which, we believe, is a great opportunity and great news for our clients and collaborators”.

Both companies join our firm in full growth of the consultancy, which recently announced results in 2020 in which it has multiplied its net profit by 5.4, to contribute their professional experience to the growth plan with which the company has as target to reach 125 million euros in turnover and a normalized ebitda of 12.5 million in 2023.