Izertis closes 2023 with 121.3 million euros in revenues and normalised Ebitda of 18.6 million euros

121.3 million in revenues and 18.6 million in normalised Ebitda. These are the main figures presented by the technology multinational Izertis in its financial results for 2023, which consolidate the company's uninterrupted growth trajectory throughout its history. The increase in revenues at the end of last year, 31.6% compared to 2022, maintains the growth rate of previous years: +35.6% in 2022; +28.6% in 2021; and +9.1% in 2020.

With regard to normalised Ebitda, the technology consultancy firm strengthened its progression, reaching 18.6 million compared to 12.1 million in 2022, which represents an increase of 54,4%. This result was achieved thanks to a margin of 15.4% on revenues, a record high in the historical series. 

Izertis achieves a solid cash level of 29.4 million euros






Izertis incorporated in 2023 three companies, Techsociety, Autentia (the largest operation in its history) and Keifi. A disbursement that does not prevent the multinational from presenting a solid cash level of 29.4 million euros, seven times the figure achieved in 2019, the year in which it was listed on the alternative stock market of the Madrid Stock Exchange, now BME Growth. 

Pablo Martín, Chairman of Izertis, said that these results "confirm the solid growth path maintained over the very long term by the company while positioning us as the leader in our sector in terms of EBITDA margin on our operations".

A 250 million plan for 2027

On 31 March 2023, the Board of Directors of Izertis approved its new Strategic Plan 2027, a roadmap with which it plans to achieve 250 million in revenues and 33 million in EBITDA Normalised Ebitda 33 million by the end of that year. An ambitious objective, backed by a robust financial track record, with annual growth of more than 20% since the company's inception in 1996, even exceeding 30% during the term of the previous 2020-2023 plan, reflecting the strength of the company's management and the soundness of its business strategy.

Over the course of its more than 27 years, Izertis has incorporated a total of 38 companies, 19 of them during the term of the 2020-2023 Plan. This inorganic growth has meant strengthening the company's client portfolio, its professional teams and its skills and competencies, and has evolved in parallel with its constant organic growth, which represents 86.9% of the company's total% of revenues and 69.5% of normalised Ebitda.

The 2027 Plan will be supported by four main lines of action: 

  1. International expansion: Izertis currently has offices in five countries and a presence in more than 30.  The objective is to expand its presence in Europe, through the Iberia Hub (Spain-Portugal), and in the United States, through the America Hub, whose epicentre of action is in Mexico.
  2. To advance in their differentiation: Izertis offers technological services at the highest value layer, with a broad portfolio that aims to provide comprehensive coverage for the digital metamorphosis of companies and institutions. A point that is based on great capabilities in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity or Data Science, as a result of the high technological knowledge of the more than 1,800 professionals that make up the workforce. 
  3. Brand recognition, in the eyes of investors and customers, but also in the eyes of the employees themselves.
  4. Jump to the Continuous Market 

"Our goal is to become one of the most important Spanish technology consulting companies, with a global presence and with the capacity to provide technology services at the highest value layer to leading companies and institutions. For many years, we have been correctly executing the different stages of a plan that will lead us to achieve this great goal," adds the CEO of Izertis. 

Rising share price

From November 2019, when it was listed, to 31 December 2023, Izertis has appreciated by 440%, multiplying its share value by 5.4 times (from 1.70 euros on 25 November 2019 to 9.18 euros on 31 December 2023) 9.18 on 31 December). The multinational technology company's management team and employees maintain a position of superiority over the 16%, placing them as the second largest shareholders after its chairman and founder, Pablo Martín, who holds just over 52%. The free float is 29,01%.

The company is covered by three independent analysts, Renta 4, GVC Gaesco and JB Capital Markers and, in a short period of time, will also be covered by Alantra. All of them provide reliable and effective information on the company's situation and its immediate future.