Pharma advisors partner Veeva Izertis

Izertis and Pharma Advisors achieve the highest recognition as a Veeva Premiere Partner

The US multinational cloud CRM solutions company, Veeva Systems, has granted Izertis and Pharma Advisors its highest recognition as a Premiere Services Partner in the Commercial Suite and renewed their certifications in MyInsights, positioning them as leaders in Veeva CRM-related services. 

Pharma Advisors was Veeva's first Partner in Europe, collaborating since 2008 on implementations for both national and international companies, and currently holds the "partner" level in different areas. 

For its part, Veeva Systems provides its pharmaceutical and life sciences industry clients with data-focused cloud solutions, software, services, and a broad ecosystem of "partners" to support critical functions from R&D to final product commercialization faster and more efficiently while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

This recognition acknowledges our effort to turn Veeva Systems' solution into one of our leading global resources

As Javier Rodriguez, Pharma Advisors Partner, states, "this recognition not only acknowledges our journey, but recognizes our effort to turn Veeva Systems' solution into one of our leading global resources, contributing to the strengthening of our cloud-based solution". 

Veeva is considered a key player in the international pharmaceutical industry. 83% of new approved medicines were launched with its CRM tool, 90% of data change requests are also operated with it, as well as reducing the time of delivery development, which improves by 50% with its service. 

Pharma Advisors, founded in 2006 with 50 employees in offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan, was integrated into the project. It specializes in providing services to the pharmaceutical sector, operating in 120 countries and for over 7,000 users. 

With the integration of Pharma Advisors into our company, we aim to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in Veeva and Salesforce, both considered as the leading corporations in their field.