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Izertis among the European benchmarks in blockchain applied to anti-piracy

Our company is among the leading Blockchain specialists in Europe. This has been recognised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the expert body in charge of intellectual property rights in the member countries of the European Union.

A few days ago, the "Award Ceremony - Anti-counterfeiting Blockathon Infrastructure design contest" was announced, in which Izertis has managed to enter the podium of companies competing with the top candidates to create the design of the future European anti-counterfeiting blockchain network. The competition was the first step in bringing together a broad community of experts to work towards a common goal and in line with the EU's strategy to create a large blockchain ecosystem.

The "Anti-counterfeiting Blockathon Infrastructure design contest" posed a technological challenge to solve the serious and widespread problem of product counterfiting that currently exists at the borders of the European Union. From Izertis, we presented the technical solution "deCEntRalised and Trusted AuthenticatIon Network EcosysSTem (CERTAINEST)" focused on using distributed registration technologies (DLT) to certify the authenticity of products, tracing their logistical journey through the change of ownership of the product between the different stakeholders.

Our solution makes use of the "digital twin" concept, associating information regarding the physical product, its intellectual property rights, and its change of ownership along the supply chain, allowing the integrity of the process and its authenticity to be verified at all times by customs and competent authorities.

Participants recognised the need to promote greater synchronisation, collaboration and decentralisation

During the award ceremony, where we presented our solution to the audience, participants recognised the need to promote greater synchronisation, collaboration and decentralisation to connect all relevant actors.

Among the main objectives of the EUIPO are to provide evidence-based input and data to enable EU policy makers to shape effective Intellectual Property enforcement policies and support innovation and creativity. Also, to provide data, tools and databases to support the fight against Intellectual Property infringement, as well as knowledge and learning programmes and law enforcement authorities, as well as businesses and Intellectual Property professionals.

It is also responsible for developing initiatives to help innovators, creators and companies (especially SMEs) to protect their IP rights, or designing campaigns to raise awareness of the value of IP and the negative consequences of IP infringement.