IBM Izertis Partnership

IBM recognizes Izertis as a Business Partner

IBM has certified our company as a Business Partner, "in recognition of its continued commitment to excellence in providing IBM solutions." This agreement reinforces our commitment to Artificial Intelligence as part of its strategy, with the aim of offering services in a market in which the demand for intelligent solutions with machine learning capabilities is constantly increasing.

The market for services and products related to Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow by 17.1% over the next few years, as it is assured by the IDC consultancy, to reach 300 billion dollars in 2024.

IBM's Artificial Intelligence technology, specifically IBM Watson, allows us to offer a complete portfolio of services, ranging from virtual assistants, capable of establishing conversations in natural language, to Machine Learning, which makes it easier for intelligent systems to learn and improve their performance as more data becomes available, through analysis and predictive modeling.

In the coming years a strong development of platforms based on intelligent systems capable of processing natural language is expected. In this regard, there are already banks and insurers that use IBM Watson in the Cloud to offer their clients conversational systems, chatbots, capable of generating personalized offers adapted to each client, reducing contracting times to minutes, compared to 3 or 4 days in traditional face-to-face processes.

Strong growth is also expected in the blockchain technology market, which according to market research company Fortune Business Insights, will reach $ 21.000 million by 2025 with annual growth rates of 38.4%. In this regard, our firm relies on the solutions provided by IBM Blockchain, which facilitate the generation of Smart Contacts.

As stated by Miguel Ángel Acero, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, at Izertis, “IBM offers us a complete suite on which to build Artificial Intelligence solutions with the guarantee of having solvent technology and first-rate technical support. ”.