50MAWSP, COMESA's platform, developed by Izertis for female empowerment in Africa reaches 36 countries

The 50 MAWSP project -50 Million African Women Speak Platform-, promoted by the African Development Bank, has managed to create a digital platform enabling the empowerment of African women entrepreneurs so that they can access programs, financial resources and thus create opportunities outside its borders.

This tool, whose main objective is being a dynamic and interesting exchange of ideas between women entrepreneurs, begins its second year of production these days after reaching the objectives proposed for this first period. Through several interconnected functionalities, it has been possible to promote learning, tutoring and the exchange of information and knowledge within the communities.

50 MAWSP is a comprehensive and participatory initiative, created thanks to Liferay technology, which enhances communication and learning between entrepreneurs, companies and other types of entities through a free registration social platform that provides interactive features such as chats, forums, walls and interest groups to exchange information and generate knowledge.

"Participation in this project of international scope allows Izertis not only to carry the digital transformation where it is necessary, regardless of geographical borders, but also to generate a positive impact in terms of female empowerment in those most vulnerable countries," has highlighted Alberto González, our Lead of International Projects.

For the development of this initiative, our company evaluated the needs, the design, the development of the portal, the installation, the tests, the preparation of the online user manual, the recruitment and the maintenance of the project.

As well, this platform has a resource area that provides information on business services, access to finance, access to markets, capacity building, social services and success stories, to equip African women with the necessary tools.

Thanks to intergovernmental organizations such as COMESA, EAC and ECOWAS, the promotion and development of this project is being possible, from which women in 36 African countries are benefiting from its advantages. Currently, our company is also working on a web portal with similar characteristics for the World Bank