Alberto Álvarez Álvarez Head of Strategic Accounts Services

➡️ Process automation in companies - is it profitable?

There is no record of who first uttered the phrase "time is money", what is known is who was one of the first to use it in one of his works and it was none other than Benjamin Franklin ("Remember that time is money"). Precisely, saving time is the main benefit of implementing a model that pursues the automation of repetitive tasks.

The importance of process automation

The number of repetitive tasks that can be carried out in a Managed Service Centre is almost innumerable (creation of users, email accounts, allocation of shared resources, application registrations, ...). Using the time of technicians in this type of action is a waste of such precious assets as time and money.

Terms such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), orchestration or process industrialisation are all the rage in our field and make perfect sense when it comes to managing a support service in any IT organisation. But saving time in the execution of these tasks is not the only benefit obtained: homogeneity in the execution, agility in the response time and traceability in the execution are other improvements that are achieved.

So, the main advantages of automation:

  • Significant time savings
  • Agile responses 
  • Traceability
  • Homogeneity of processes

At the Izertis Managed Services Centre, we begin this process by analysing all the tasks that our technicians carry out on a repetitive basis

Steps to automate processes

Carrying out this challenge involves establishing a model that will lead us to achieve the objective. At the Izertis Managed Services Centre, we begin this process by analysing all the tasks that our technicians carry out on a repetitive basis. In this first step we obtain a list of tasks that are candidates for automation. In the next station we focus on analysing the technical feasibility of the process. At this point it is important to remember the following premise: ours is an eminently technical sector, nothing is impossible. Finally, we have to design the automation flow and the final implementation.

Automated tools and solutions

In the market there are many tools specialised in task automation, at Izertis we are committed to a fusion of several of them. On the one hand, we use Microsoft Power Automate as the central element of each process. On the other hand, and depending on the most appropriate technical solution, we generate scripts with Power Shell that are responsible for executing those parts of the automation that are more technical or that cannot be carried out from Power Automate for various reasons.

For some time now, we have been implementing various automated solutions such as, for example:

  • Alerting of critical incidents through Microsoft Teams.
  • Prioritisation of requests, with direct information to the technician in charge of carrying them out.
  • Assignment of shared resources to Active Directory users.
  • Domain migration of Active Directory users. From the process of requesting these migrations, to the execution of the technical task that carries out the migration, including the traceability of the entire process and its reporting.

Conclusion: process automation in companies IS profitable

If time is money, it must be used as productively as possible, and task automation brings multiple benefits for both IT and the business. The return on investment when implementing this type of action is remarkable and in the short term. At Izertis we believe that this is a must for all our Managed Services. Let us help you with this challenge, shall we talk?